The yearly visit to the Peony farm

I don’t have any peonies in my garden, not because I don’t like them but because their beauty is so fleeting plus they flower at a time of year when there are likely to be many rain storms and wet bedraggled peonies just look sad.

But I do like them and love the perfume of the tree peonies so every year I visit a peony farm not far from us where I can enjoy seeing them without the worry of having them in the garden. This post is for Julie at Peonies and Poses, from the name I’m sure she loves peonies; maybe one year you could visit Julie and see this amazing place for yourself. Continue reading

Peonies at Easter

On Sunday I went to visit the local specialist in peonies.  There are fields and fields of peonies that they not only sell as plants but in a range of cosmetics.  As it looks as if something has eaten the buds on mine I’ll share these with you instead.

Click on the photo below to see a vast array.