The Slope on Thursday – There is change today!

There is a change in the weather and in the appearance of the slope this week.

It isn’t so much that the day time temperatures are higher, although it is slightly warmer, but at night the temperatures are not dropping so much. I have noticed some plants are telling me they need a little irrigation, the moisture in the soil is diminishing and without addition water non drought tolerant plants would begin to shrivel. Continue reading

GBBD Summer at Last!

Until this past Monday, 10th June, the weather here in central Lazio as not been its usual sunny and warm self.  Then as the forecasters promised Tuesday the temperature has noticeably risen; the air feels warmer and the afternoon wind from the sea began to blow. Actually just a few moments ago when I was taking photographs there was a mini-whirlwind; I looked around and thought the sky was full of strange birds but instead it was hay that had just been cut from the field behind the house, moments later it passed through the garden lifting dropped petals high into the air, sorry I didn’t manage to get a clear image. Continue reading