Perfume in the Winter Garden

Louise better known as Wellywoman wrote the other day about the perfumed plants in her winter garden and invited us to join with her and Sue at Backlane Notebook in recording each month what scented plants we enjoy in our gardens.

When I designed our first garden my husband said I could plant whatever I liked as long as it was scented; and although not every plant in my garden does have fragrance it is one of the major considerations when I am choosing new plants. Continue reading

Tulip time again!

The Tulips are the best ever this year.  I am sure this is due to the long cold (but not very cold winter) we have had.  Tulips need 13 – 15 weeks of cold followed by the soil warming to flower well.  I think newly purchased tulips have had some cold treatment already as new tulips usually flower quite well; although they are often over very quickly.  This year some that were planted in Autumn 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 are all flowering; I didn’t purchase any in 2011.

Many that are several years old have even multiplied and I can see that one original bulb is producing up to 4 stems of flowers.

Given that tulips are one of my favourite flowers I am walking around with a very happy smile playing around my lips as I enjoy the show!

So no more words, or even names for this post – just an orgy of tulips glowing in the spring light (day and at sunset).

Copy of 20130406_9999_17 Copy of 20130406_9999_39 Copy of 20130406_9999_27 Copy of 20130406_9999_25 Copy of 20130406_9999_18 Copy of 20130406_9999_10 Copy of 20130406_9999_2 Copy of 20130405_9999_7 Copy of 20130405_9999_6  Copy of 20130405_9999_3 Newly planted Negrita in the foreground with others planted 4 years ago behind 20130406_9999_13 blog

There are others lovelies in the garden too, Clematis armandii is full of deliciously scented flowers, making the pergola look as if it is covered in snow.

Copy of 20130406_9999_7 Copy of 20130405_9999_13

Viburnum burkwoodii has grown to be taller than the Photinia hedge and is filling that corner of the garden with such a wonderful perfume I wish I could bottle it.

Copy of 20130405_9999_10

Viburnum burkwoodii

Viburnum burkwoodii

As guess what?  I can’t resist showing you that Anemone Sylphide is still flowering!

Copy of 20130406_9999_15

What tulips grow well for you; and which reliably flower in successive years?