GBFD – it’s not autumn yet!

I started GBFD in Sptember 2011 with the aim of understanding how foliage works in my garden and hopefully helping others to recognise the importance of foliage in their own gardens.  Foliage is the mainstay of any garden whether we plan it that way of not, there may be a few plants that flower for 12 months a year but they certainly don’t grow in MY garden.  So it makes sense to me to consider the foliage (and form) of a plant just as much if not more than the flowers.  Don’t misunderstand I’m not advocating that we all change our gardens into flower-free zones, far from it, I think that foliage is the supporting role but if it doesn’t work then the stars find it harder to shine. Continue reading

GBFD – Silver and Purple

When it is hot and it is very HOT, the light shimmers and plants with silver or grey foliage look their very best.

The combination of silver and purple always looks great together; sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ seems to love the heat and its colour is better than ever.

Sedum 'Purple Emperor'

Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ loves the heat

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