Wisteria – secondary flowering and other news

As you may remember my treasured Wisteria ‘Prolific’ was so badly hit by the minus 12°C winds this February that all the buds were destroyed and there were no flowers at all:  the white wisteria (being situated on the north east side of the terrace and its buds always forming later than the standard colour) did flower but was a small consolation as much of it had been removed to create the outside kitchen, flower room and entertaining room. Continue reading

April 12th 2016 – The cut flower beds

The greenhouse is overflowing with seedlings!  They need to grow a little more, so that I can begin planting them out.  I am already hardening-off some of the plants; this is more to acclimatise them to the strong sun than the cold nights as temperatures aren’t falling below 9 or 10°C. Continue reading