May 19th 2016 The Slope on Thursday

For a couple of years I posted about the slope every Thursday enjoying seeing the changes week by week, month by month; for this Thursday 19 th May I thought it might be good to look at it again. Continue reading

The slope on Thursday A different perspective

It is a while since I’ve posted about the slope.  I did take some photographs last week but then my laptop decided that it needed a rest and wouldn’t work; I am backing up almost every time I use it as I am sure it is going to break down very soon – I’m nursing it along as I really don’t want to buy a new one at this moment (apart from not knowing whether to change to Apple or continue with Microsoft – any thoughts on this would be gratefully accepted!)

Did I mention how hot it has been since we returned from the US?  The slope is perfect for showing you what high temperatures, free draining soil and no rain since the beginning of June can do. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday, a bit late!

The weather has been more spring-like in the last week than earlier in the month when it was much more like summer.  The hot weather means that many of the roses have already bloomed and finished!  During this week the temperatures have been pleasant with rain on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday,  which the garden and I were very pleased to see. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday and summer has arrived!

Spring never really warmed up in the way it has done in other years.  The evenings remained cool and mornings fresh.  This week has been the first time when I have gone out into the garden in the morning with just a T-shirt rather than a fleece, and a long sleeved-fleece at that! Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday – Blue and Orange again but different

At last it really does feel like spring weather has arrived.  For the first time this year I have actively sought out a shady spot when I’ve been in the garden because the sun is so hot.  The images for this post were taken on Wednesday late afternoon, at about 5.45 and just look how bright it is! Continue reading