The Slope on Thursday – Blue on blue on blue

The week began with a forecast of rain all week.  I know not to believe it when the same forecast is given for a couple of weeks; what it means is that don’t know when the wind will change direction and the temperatures will change.  Monday was wet all day and Tuesday was grey with a couple of showers but Wednesday and today (Thursday) have been very warm.  Blue skies with just a few very high white fluffy clouds and no wind.  The temperature in the greenhouse is 34°C outside somewhere in the mid-twenties. Continue reading

The slope on Thursday – blue is the colour

The weather continues much the same as it was before I went to the Red Sea.  Night temperatures are still hovering around zero degrees C, the north wind blows with an icy chill, the sun shines but its heat is only felt if you are protected from the wind.

Actually while I was away the wind was incredibly strong, a couple of my mutabilis roses were virtually pushed out of the ground, driving back from the airport we saw many trees that had been pulled right out of the ground and shade netting etc. was left flapping around uselessly.  I was therefore very lucky. Continue reading

The slope on Thursday February 5th

February for me always feels like the worst month of winter, even if in reality winter only started at the very end of December, I’ve already had enough of the cold and wet.  This week we’ve had hail storms, rain, thunder, grey skies and one beautiful day on Monday when the sun shone all day, strangely as I mentioned in my post on Monday, just 5 miles away it snowed heavily and on speaking to friends even later in the day when the snow had stopped it wasn’t a particularly nice day so it seems I was living on my own private island of weather! Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday – rain today!

Firstly I like to thank you all for the very positive response to the idea of celebrating the feast of St. Fiacre, the patron saint of gardeners next year.  I had suggested that perhaps we could write about a miracle in our gardens but Marion St. Clair suggested that we bloggers could have parties in our gardens to celebrate, thank you Marion!  I think this could be a wonderful idea, if you have any ideas about how this could work please leave a comment on the original post here, so that everyone can read all the ideas in one place.  Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday – A dull morning

A mix of weather again this week.  Some hot days (26°C), cooler nights and torrential rain for an hour on Tuesday afternoon.  The garden is thriving on these heavy showers of rain, the only plants that don’t appreciate it are some of the low growing silver leaved Artemisia which are showing a lot of dieback; where they are growing over gravel instead of soil they are OK. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday – Green and Gold

There wasn’t a post last Thursday about the slope as I was away at the Amalfi coast. Here’s a photo to give you an idea of the views I was enjoying as we drove from Sant’Agnello to Maiori, one of the most beautiful if slightly scary drives in the world.  The road clings to the cliff edge and twists and turns alarmingly; with scooters overtaking on the blind bends it is fortunate that you can pull into laybys every so often to settle the stomach as well as allow the driver to enjoy the views too; I’m assuming he was watching the road at all times!


View of Positano

View of Positano

Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday on Friday

I am a day late with ‘the view’ this week.  I could tell you I was so busy I had no time to take any photographs; I could say it was raining so heavily that it was impossible to go outside but the truth is that neither justification is true.  The simple truth is I completely forget and by the time I remembered it was dark! Continue reading

The Slope on 21st August – Slipping slowly out of summer

It was hot in Italy while we were in the UK for a week, lucky me!

This week the temperatures are actually still lower than would be expected but the weather always changes at the end of August although usually becomes summerlike again after mid-September.  This year may of course be different.

What I noticed most was that the evenings have become decidedly shorter; where before going to England dinner was usually on the terrace without the need for artificial light until almost the end of the meal, this week the light has been required from the beginning. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday – Happy August

It has been mostly sunny this week and hot in comparison to previous weeks but nothing like the usual heat we endure during the first week of August, hence my title! I’m happy.

The early mornings and evening are cool, wonderful!  I can work outside, I can sleep at night, there is nothing to not love about the weather so far this year. Continue reading