The Slope on Thursday – Happy August

It has been mostly sunny this week and hot in comparison to previous weeks but nothing like the usual heat we endure during the first week of August, hence my title! I’m happy.

The early mornings and evening are cool, wonderful!  I can work outside, I can sleep at night, there is nothing to not love about the weather so far this year. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday 24th October

Again I’m late!  Yesterday, Thursday it rained from 8.30 in the morning through until 5 in the afternoon; and not just rain, but thunder rattled around for most of that time by which time I had other commitments and couldn’t get outside to take any photographs, today I went outside at about 9 to take these images; amazingly the sun was shining and the day became positively hot (about 24°C).  The day of rain was a surprise as the weather had been exceptional; warm, sunny, and no wind since last Thursday.

Today we began harvesting the olives, T-shirts were the order of the day and I really needed sun block as well as sunglasses! Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday 10th October

Autumn has finally truly arrived with some rain every day this week; but not all day so that yesterday the weather was glorious warm sunshine for at least 4 or 5 hours, time to get weeding, especially the circular rose bed which becomes very overgrown each year with Gaura growing to about 1.2 plus metres!  Strangling the roses and hiding weeds.

This morning there was pleasant sunshine when I woke but by 9.30 rain was falling again; I just manages to take some photos of the Slope before the wind started making it unpleasant to be outside, who knows what it will be like this afternoon. Continue reading