A garden full of tulips

With winter continuing into April, albeit with some lovely warm spring days to make you believe that spring is really here; I have been busy trying to catch up with clearing the garden of weeds (which, of course, only need a little sunshine to encourage them to grow) and cut back perennials which I usually leave overwinter as habitats for small creatures.  All the work has meant that I have found very little time to share the garden with you. Continue reading

In a Vase on Monday – Classic blue and yellow and more tulips!

I was so focused on it being Monday and time to create a vase for Cathy at Rambling in the garden that I failed to notice it was the 22nd of the month and so Garden Bloggers Foliage day here at My Hesperides Garden.

I’ll post my GBFD later today but if you prefer to add yours tomorrow please do or add it to your ‘In a vase on Monday’ post if you’re participating, either way just leaves links to and from my post to yours. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – and more tulips

Monday has arrived again and I haven’t posted since my vase last week.  I have had a virus and not felt up to doing very much at all and on Wednesday last week the winds were so strong it was almost impossible to stand up.  One of the canes helping to support the new Carrob broke in too leaving the tree blowing wildly around and so despite the cold and wind I had to help rescue it.  Continue reading