The slope on Thursday A different perspective

It is a while since I’ve posted about the slope.  I did take some photographs last week but then my laptop decided that it needed a rest and wouldn’t work; I am backing up almost every time I use it as I am sure it is going to break down very soon – I’m nursing it along as I really don’t want to buy a new one at this moment (apart from not knowing whether to change to Apple or continue with Microsoft – any thoughts on this would be gratefully accepted!)

Did I mention how hot it has been since we returned from the US?  The slope is perfect for showing you what high temperatures, free draining soil and no rain since the beginning of June can do. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday 19th June

After the scorching weather of last week, this week has been characterized by thunder storms every afternoon. The mornings have been warm but not reaching more than 25°C, there has been heavy rain which means that the garden has become lush looking again although the Stipa tenuissima that has already started to yellow now just looks untidy; it will improve slightly when it dries out again. Continue reading

The Slope on Tuesday 23rd July

The afternoon thunderstorms continued all last week until Sunday.  This week the temperatures are rising each day and we are heading into the weekend with temperatures forecast to be about 35°C.

Again the images were taken this morning with the sun at the top of the slope creating shadows and highlighting grasses. Continue reading

The Slope – 2nd July

Since last Tuesday the weather has been a joy.  There were thunderstorms and some rain on Wednesday and Friday but the temperatures have been pleasant – warm but not too hot.  We’ve appreciated lots of delicious meals outside and it has also been nice to sit and read under the Wisteria.

To give a rounded view of The Slope I intend taking photographs at different times of day.  Today they were taken at 9 am.  The sun is already strong, the Quercus ilex throwing dark shadows. There are four large shrubs of this local evergreen oak planted at the top of the slope dividing the slope from the slope path, I chose them to protect the garden from the hot summer wind that comes from the direction of the sea, some 50 km away. Continue reading