The Slope on Tuesday – Change

This will be the last “The Slope on Tuesday”, because I have decided to join Ramblingwoods Nature meme which is on Tuesdays too.  I will now post about the slope on Thursdays (I don’t think it important which day it is but I am determined to continue as I’m finding it really does focus my mind to what is happening each week.  I will include the weather happenings for the week in the Nature Notes as for me that seems to fit.  While on the subject of memes, there is to be a new one hosted by Xericstyle on the first of the month showing a long view of one part of the garden; OK so this may end up looking the same for many weeks but I think it will also be fun and informative to see the ‘overview’ rather than just select areas; so a warts and all kind of post I imagine.  I’m not sure which view I’ll choose but maybe a wide view from the upstairs window which will certainly illustrate the ebb and flow of flowering and foliage interest around the garden.

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