May 24th 2016 Morning light in the garden

Yesterday the wind blew all day so that it was impossible to take any photographs and it was exhausting just being outside.  My washing was dry almost as soon as I hung it out.  This morning the light was beautiful so I wanted to capture some of its magic. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – calm versus vibrant

The flowers in the cuttings garden have been so plentiful in this past week; I could have filled a house with vases!  While I was away all the lilies flowers and finished so there will be no vases full of their perfume this year which is sad.  Some of the gladioli are also finished; some I was able to give to a friend and others were used for a religious ceremony, a few I used today and the rest I will try to use during this week, they won’t last until next Monday when I will again join with Cathy from Rambling in the garden for her weekly meme.  This week I have two very different vases; one cool and elegant with just white flowers the other couldn’t be more colourful. Continue reading