Monti Sibillini a wild flower paradise

For Wordless Wednesday I gave you a taste of the wild flowers we saw last weekend when we visited the Monti Sibillini National Park. The National Park was formed in 1993 and the area is host to wolves and other animals that are disappearing from the wild across Europe. The Park spans the two regions of Umbria and Marche. Continue reading

Wild flowers

The red European poppies were flowering in the fields on road verges for most of last month, but I’ve posted about poppies every April and May, here and here; this year there is something else red flowering in the fields all around the house.  Do you remember that a few years ago almost every show garden at Chelsea had red clover (Trifolium incarnatum)? The farmers here must have been inspired (I jest – this has always been a planted to improve the soil and I think make good hay for the sheep and cows (not absolutely sure about that).

Trifolium incarnatum with Vetch

Trifolium incarnatum with Vetch

Trifolium incarnatum

Trifolium incarnatum


ploughed soil and a line of clover

ploughed soil and a line of clover

St. Bernard's Lily Anthericum liliago

St. Bernard’s Lily Anthericum liliago

This delicate looking plant was growing wild in my friends garden; if it were in mine I’d move some to a border where they could be enjoyed.

20130528_9999_10Above and below:

While visiting a friend’s garden I saw a plant I’ve heard of but never seen before, Cerinthe major is well known in its purple form but the wild yellow form is never planted in gardens as far as I know.




With all the rain this year so far, I’m thinking of renaming 2013 as the year of the snail!  I have many more than normal in my garden this year, but nothing like the number my friend has in hers; these are all gathered on one poor rose bud.

Wild Flower Wednesday

On Sunday we drove to Orvieto to watch the Corpus Domini Procession, during the drive we were open mouthed at the number of poppies, some fields were completely red.  We stopped by a lane that was sprinkled with various flowers, some I’ve never seen before, but all were lovely.

The bright red contrasts so well with the vibrant green.

Beautiful close up

….and in the distance

This delicate viola stole my heart

These I’ve not seen before but they look garden worthy!

…..and this is what we went to see!

Men in tights!

wearing beautiful shoes.