Wisteria – secondary flowering and other news

As you may remember my treasured Wisteria ‘Prolific’ was so badly hit by the minus 12°C winds this February that all the buds were destroyed and there were no flowers at all:  the white wisteria (being situated on the north east side of the terrace and its buds always forming later than the standard colour) did flower but was a small consolation as much of it had been removed to create the outside kitchen, flower room and entertaining room. Continue reading

April 14th 2016

After writing in some detail about the area around the west side of the house including the Large Island I thought I would be moving on to other parts of the garden but each day (almost hour) brings new plants in flower so today is just a wander around the garden showing you what is new and catching my eye. Continue reading

April 8th 2016 No apologies

I mentioned that we have been walking in the local lanes as part of my husband’s rehabilitation; it is a great time of year to be doing this as day by day the wild flowers are beginning to flower just as much as in the garden.

A couple of day’s ago Richard returned full of excitement; he had just seen one of the sheep in a field very close to us give birth; well, to be totally honest  he didn’t witness the actual birth but he arrived on the scene moments later when the umbilical cord was still attached to the lamb and it had just got to its feet.  The following day I went too; this may or may not be the lamb he saw!

New lambs are so snowy white in comparison to their mothers

New lambs are so snowy white in comparison to their mothers

It is unlikely that the two lambs are twins; they aren’t bred for that here; the lambs are a by-product of the need for the ewes to produce milk for our local famous Pecorino cheese. Continue reading

May Feast- Roses around the door

Well, actually not around the door but growing on the pillars supporting the pergola around the terrace and up across the front beam so forming an arch to frame the windows.

When I had decided that I wanted roses to grow on the pillars I went to trusted, local nursery in September and again in October to see which roses continued to produce blooms right down to the base even late in the season.  The only variety that did this and was a good colour to combine with Wisteria ‘Prolific’ was Climbing Rimosa.

This is the view I have from the kitchen window

Looking down onto the top of the pergola and beyond to the foraml garden

The shrub version was introduce in 1979 by Meilland and known in France (and it seems Italy) as Rimosa 79; in the US it is known as Gold badge and in the rest of the world (rather strangely for a large flowered rose) Gold Bunny.  In 1986 a climbing version was introduced with the same good repeat flowering habit and named Grimpant Rimosa, climbing Gold Badge or climbing Gold Bunny.  It is a floribunda type and is particularly good in hot climates.  It is one of the earliest roses to flower in my garden.

14th April, one of the first blooms with Wisteria ‘Prolific’

Beautiful in bud and as it opens. The blooms are also excellent at resisting strong winds – vital in my garden.

From the gravel path looking along the pillars

Looking along the pillars from on the terrace