Tuesday View – 21st November 2017

Time to join Cathy at Words and Herbs for her weekly look at one view in the garden.  I think Cathy will be doing a round up of her view this year; I’ll save my review for another occasion, when the trees have all lost their leaves.

Tuesday View 21st November 2017

Above before the sun came out (but only for a few moments today.  Below with the sun; it really isn’t surprising how much we love the sun; all the colours are brighter and more cheerful when the sun shines on us.

Tuesday View 21st November 2017 5 minutes later when the sun came out briefly

The pomegranate has now lost all of its leaves and the pomegranates I left on the tree have now split open but I haven’t seen any birds feeding on their juicy sweetness.

Looking along the the left hand path

The Pomegranate in the sun with the dark forms of the evergreens behind it.

Thanks Cathy for hosting.

Tomorrow is the 22nd of the month and as there is some autumn colour in the garden this year I will be posting A Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day post; if you’d like to join me you would be most welcome.

15 thoughts on “Tuesday View – 21st November 2017

  1. That pomegranate tree has got character! The changing light conditions can vary so much within minutes or even seconds here too, and your blue sky as a background is a definite soul-lifter! Have a sunny week Christina. 🙂

  2. Christina the Pomegranate is a really beautiful tree with or without leaves. The sun changes colors: without it they are colder and dull. I love the foliage colors of the deciduous trees. A trick if you want the birds to eat your grenades. Remove them from the tree, open it in half and with alamabre you surround each half and transfer it through the center so that it is well secured. Look where there are usually more birds in your garden and there hang it from the branch of a tree or a bush. If you want to feed the birds, you will always have to do it in the same place. Greetings from Margarita.

    • That’s a good tip about feeding the birds. Hardly anyone does it here so the birds don’t look for foods. They took several years before they even tried the crab apples and even now they don’t usually eat them until it is almost spring.

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  4. With or without leaves, the pomegranate makes a handsome focal point but without the sunshine the garden does look melancholy. However, we’ve got much too much sun – and heat – at the moment. I’d gladly accept some cloud coverage right now, especially if it came with the promise of rain, of which we’ve had almost none thus far this season.

    • It is fortunate that we have very few days when there is low cloud, thank goodness! We have had so little rain this entire year; the forecasters keep promising rain and either it doesn’t rain at all or just not on my garden. Last week we drove towards the Apennines and I was so surprised to see that they were topped in snow! It is very early for snow in my area and it means that there was precipitation there, but nothing for me!

    • The garden has never had so much autumn colour; the weather usually means they just lose their leaves without changing at all or they just turn brown. This year has been a real joy.

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