The Slope on Thursday on Friday

I am a day late with ‘the view’ this week.  I could tell you I was so busy I had no time to take any photographs; I could say it was raining so heavily that it was impossible to go outside but the truth is that neither justification is true.  The simple truth is I completely forget and by the time I remembered it was dark! Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Ostrich plumes in shades of mauve

Monday is here again and time to find flowers from our own garden to put in a vase for Cathy at Rambling in the Garden’s In a vase on Monday.

Some different flowers this week mixed in with the Dahlia Magenta Star which is indefatigable in pumping out new blooms. Continue reading

GBFD – it’s not autumn yet!

I started GBFD in Sptember 2011 with the aim of understanding how foliage works in my garden and hopefully helping others to recognise the importance of foliage in their own gardens.  Foliage is the mainstay of any garden whether we plan it that way of not, there may be a few plants that flower for 12 months a year but they certainly don’t grow in MY garden.  So it makes sense to me to consider the foliage (and form) of a plant just as much if not more than the flowers.  Don’t misunderstand I’m not advocating that we all change our gardens into flower-free zones, far from it, I think that foliage is the supporting role but if it doesn’t work then the stars find it harder to shine. Continue reading

The Slope on 21st August – Slipping slowly out of summer

It was hot in Italy while we were in the UK for a week, lucky me!

This week the temperatures are actually still lower than would be expected but the weather always changes at the end of August although usually becomes summerlike again after mid-September.  This year may of course be different.

What I noticed most was that the evenings have become decidedly shorter; where before going to England dinner was usually on the terrace without the need for artificial light until almost the end of the meal, this week the light has been required from the beginning. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – A basket full of joy!

I missed not being able to participate last week because I was spending a few days in the UK visiting family, but I enjoyed seeing all the vases although I was unable to comment on some as I only had my iPad with me and commenting on non WordPress sites was impossible.

Before I left I cut all the flowers from the sunflowers and Dahlias so they would have a chance to produce more flowers for my return home.  They didn’t let me down. Continue reading