In a vase on Monday – Hands tied behind my back

Well no, not really, just trying to come up with an eye catching title, not my strong point really.  Cathy is always so clever with her titles and as I am joining her for ‘In a vase on Monday’ where she asks us to make an arrangement with material from our own gardens, I needed to make some effort think of something at least vaguely fun! Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday – ..and it’s getting better….

Well it is for me.  I’m calling this ‘my English summer’ because the weather is just so like it often is in England.  We had more rain this week, actually a thunder storm which just five miles away included hail (gardeners’ enemy number one).  The local news reported a small whirl wind right here where I live but it must have passed me by a whisker.  I am a lucky girl. Continue reading

Garden Blogger’s Foliage Day – July

I think today’s post has been the hardest foliage post I’ve written since starting this meme in September 2011.

Why was it hard? Because the garden is a jungle of growth this year.  July has never been so wet.  Yesterday there were showers during the day and heavy rain in the night and more is forecast for today and tomorrow!  IT NEVER RAINS IN JULY! Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday – Chiaro/Scuro

The weather remains changeable!  I don’t think I’ve ever written that during a summer in Italy.  Yesterday and today are hot but there is a breeze and in the evening the temperature drops so that it isn’t always possible to eat outside.  The whole garden is more lush and jungle-like than I have ever seen it. Continue reading