The Slope on Thursday – Hope for the future

The very cold weather predicted for last weekend didn’t materialise and turned out to be perfect weather for planting bulbs, warm, and very still.  No wind at all is quite unusual in my garden so I took full advantage and have now planted all of the tulips and the majority of the other bulbs.  There are still some Iris, Alliums and miscellaneous others waiting to go into the cuttings beds.  Yesterday it rained for most of the day but this morning there is a watery sun making photography difficult.  Cold nights are again predicted for this weekend. Continue reading

GBFD – Sunshine, blue sky, I’m smiling

Welcome to Garden Blogger’s Foliage Day, where I celebrate the foliage that is the most important feature of my garden.  Today, as you can see from my title is sunny and after a cold start is now beautifully warm.

Looking across the garden from the top of the drive

Looking across the garden from the top of the drive

Apart from the leafless trees this scene looks more like summer.

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The Slope on Thursday – November evening light

Obviously the evening light isn’t today Thursday!  Yesterday afternoon while I was ironing I noticed that the light was once again wonderful and wanted to capture the November light as I had done the light in October.  While I was outside with my camera, leaving the ironing to wait for a few minutes, I decided I would show the slope in this lovely clear light. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – a bit of zing!

Today is miserable, with rain and dark skies; I had to dodge the showers to pick flowers for today’s vase.  I had intended to include a hand tied bunch of flowers I gave to a friend yesterday who had invited us for a wonderful meal of food from her homeland of Cyprus.  But the rushed photographs looked a complete mess even though I was quite happy with the bouquet itself.  The Zinnia I included had come from my friend so it seemed fitting that she should have the last one in her bouquet. Continue reading