Wordless Wednesday – Spring blossom

The quince tree has put on leaf and the blossom is opening all within a few days

This crab apple has pinker flowers but the fruit is yellow, unlike the crab apple I showed yesterday the fruit on this one never stays on the tree for more than a couple of weeks

I’m told this is an ornamental flowering plum, possibly Prunus blireana


A new purchase, Magnolia stellata

Tuesday View March 28th 2017

Now that there are so many changes in the garden every time I walk around I think the time is right to begin regularly showing the same view (as last year) on Tuesdays.  Cathy at Words and Herbs (our host for this meme) will, I’m sure, also begin posting on a regular basis very soon. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – End of March

Today’s vase is the last for March and looking back I realise I’ve been so lucky to have tulips in vases in the house since the end of January.  Now the tulips are in full flower in the garden so I will enjoy most of them there although I’m sure some will find their way into a vase! Continue reading