In a vase on Monday – End of March

Today’s vase is the last for March and looking back I realise I’ve been so lucky to have tulips in vases in the house since the end of January.  Now the tulips are in full flower in the garden so I will enjoy most of them there although I’m sure some will find their way into a vase!

We were invited out to lunch yesterday so I picked masses of Narcissus, some white tulips and a few Muscari plus foliage Cerinthe, Photinia and a weed that must be some kind of Euphorbia.  Sorry that’s terribly imprecise, I’ve just looked it up, it is Euphorbia helioscopia.

I used a small zinc bucket for the arrangement for our friends and my silver vase for today’s flowers.  When the zinc bucket was full to bursting I used the remaining flowers for my own vase.

A gift for a friend

Photinia, Cerinthe, Euphorbia helioscopia, Narcissus Thalia, Tulip Exotic Emperor

Narcissus Thalia

Other Narcissus were also included; Cheerfulness, and Avalanche which I grew as a forced Narcissus  last year and has flowered in the garden this year.

In a vase on Monday

N. Actaea and Thalia were planted last autumn in the Secret Garden Cut flower beds, under the Dahlias.  they need to be planted where they will receive summer irrigation.

Euphorbia helioscopia, the sun spurge

Narcissus Thalia and Actaea with Cerinthe

Do visit Cathy our charming host of IAVOM to what she and many others have found for their vases today.




42 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – End of March

  1. adore all-white bouquets but sadly have enough white flowers out at once.
    Photinia is a shrub I have ignored up till now, but you use it to perfection and that colour certainly fills a gap. i shall have to beg/borrow/steal a cutting from somewhere.

  2. Beautiful and I imagine they smell divine! I’m looking forward to the scents of Spring – there don’t seem to be so many scented flowers in Autumn. I loved Avalanche last year and Thalia is pretty and delicate. I’ve just planted Silver Chimes, Grand Monarch, and Pheasants Eyes, so hopefully these will be equally lovely.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that inspired by one of your posts a couple weeks ago, I finally planted my Honeywort seeds in the garden and the first few seedlings are up this week. 🙂

  4. ‘Charming’ host? Oh I do hope you will not be dreadfully disappointed when we finally meet up Christina! 😉 Isn’t it wonderful to be able to pick an abundance of blooms from your own garden to stuff/arrange/place like this?Doing the same with bought blooms just wouldn’t generate the same warm feeling in our hearts, would it? Your friend will have been delighted, I am sure, especially if, as you say, the Italians don’t ‘do’ flowers in their gardens. – and I am pleased there were plenty left for you to enjoy during the week too. I especially love to see those pure white narcissi 🙂

    • Well you write charmingly Cathy! Our hosts were actually Scots and Israeli and I heped them with their garden so they do have flowers!! I’ve just seen there are Dutch Iris flowering which will be perfect to add to my vase, I’ll show int tomorrow’s post.

  5. Christina beautiful the vase of the zinc cube crowded with white flowers and the Photinia with its red leaves of contrast. The silver vase is wonderful with the Thalia Narcissus which is beautiful, the very pretty Cerinthe and the Euphorbia helioscopy which is a special touch. Every Monday I enjoy more with your precious bouquets of flowers. Thank you for them. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. I’m sure your hosts appreciated the beautiful arrangement. The Photinia stems are as pretty as any flowers. My neighbors grow it – I wonder if they’d notice if I clipped some? Just kidding! Your Narcissus are still lovely, while mine are largely gone – we’re warming up already.

    • These Narcissus only started to flower last week Kris but they won’t last very long here either. Yesterday was very warm but today there is a bite in the air from an east wind! Spring is teasing us this year.

  7. These are both wonderful tributes to spring Christina. Hope your Thalia continue to thrive. Mine bloomed after all the other yellows. I’ve enjoyed your tulips this year and Tulip Exotic Emperor is lovely.

    • The newly planted Narcissus are a joy, it is strange here in that they almost always flower later than the tulips, obviously even more so when the tulips are pre-chilled. there will be more tulisp in vases I’m sure but mostly now they are to enjoy in the garden.

  8. I hope your friends were pleased, I’d be thrilled to receive such a gift. The red and white are beautiful together. Smallish Euphorbias are such a useful thing in a vase, I used to have several kinds and I am building up my collection again. Good in the garden too of course!

  9. That is such a gorgeous collection Christina – your friend must have been delighted! Do any of your Italian friends grow flowers for cutting in their gardens or do they regard you as a bit of an oddity? Also do you get much variety at the market? British flowers are such a thing now that most small markets will have a local flower growing operating a stall, but I have not heard so much about this trend catching on in Europe.

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