The Spring walk at the end of February

I have begun to check out the Spring Walk in the hope of seeing some spring flowers beginning.  At present I can’t see any tulip shoots pushing up and as I mentioned before I have seen some evidence of mice but I can’t imagine they’re eaten them all can they? Continue reading

The slope on Thursday – Growth

Another good week for gardening!  How wonderful is that?  It is still quite cold but the sun has been shining and as long as you are in the sun it feels quite warm.  This morning I was pruning the wisteria on the pergola around the terrace.  It takes a long time to prune back every side branch but at least now I am past the stage of having to tie new branches into the structure. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Little and Large

As a result of joining Cathy’s Meme each Monday where she challenges us to find material from our own gardens to put in a vase, as I walk around the garden I am on the lookout for buds that might be opening by Monday. Continue reading