No In a vase on Monday

There is no vase from me today – I had intended using the dried flowers I grew this year to make a Christmas swag, wreath or mantle decoration but at the weekend we received the very sad news that my mother in law had died peacefully in her sleep.

She was a wonderful woman much more like a mother to me than a MIL.  She was the person who first gave me the confidence to begin arranging flowers and when I began making regular vases for Cathy’s meme she encouraged me with kind words and with an inspirational book as a Christmas gift.

She will be sadly missed by everyone who knew and loved her.  A strong woman as many of her generation were, she was never too old to learn new things and at 90 years old, she followed this blog on her iPad!

I will sometimes be absent from the blogging world during the next couple of weeks but you can be sure that even if I don’t leave a comment I will be reading yours when I am able.

Thank you for understanding.  Christina


In a Vase on Monday – Feeling Blue

Mondays in December can be difficult to find flowers to pick from our gardens to fill a vase.  But Cathy at Rambling in the Garden challenges us every week and so we go rambling ourselves to see what we can find. Continue reading

A cold and frosty morning 1st December 2016

Last weekend we walked by Lake Vico, a volcanic lake just south of us.  As we were driving I saw a huge tree covered in red berries – surely not a Holly, but yes that’s what it was.  I have never seen so many berries on a full size Holly in my life.  They say that large numbers of berries mean that the winter will be hard; our forecast has also been predicting that this winter would be colder than average and would begin early. Continue reading