In a Vase on Monday – Happy New Year

The last day of the year, a time to think back over the passing year and look forward to 2019.  But this post is not going to be about nostalgia, but rather hope that this year will be better than the last not so much for me but for the world – I hope for peace and some common sense from all the world’s politicians (non of whom seem to have shown much sense in 2018). Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Happy Christmas 2018

Christmas Eve this year falls on Monday so it is the ideal time to share a vase with you all and to wish you a very Happy Christmas; with all the troubles in the world what I really wish for each and every one of you is a peaceful serene Christmas that you can enjoy in whatever way makes you happiest. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Advent Crown 2018

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent (what happened to November, I have no idea, it seems only yesterday that it was the end of September) so of course today’s flowers must respect the tradition and so I’m sharing my Advent crown with you today. Continue reading