The Slope on Tuesday 25th June 2013

This weekly post about the slope is also a good opportunity to give an account of the weather too.  It is easy for me to think that the weather is more consistent than it really is, a regular report will help me understand the climate better.

Last week when I wrote, the weather had suddenly become very hot and I admit to slipping into a bit of a depression, imagining that a drought was beginning just like in 2012.  But last Thursday at about 7pm, the wind changed direction brought a cooling breeze which has remained until now.  It is pleasant to be outside, cool enough to sleep well and even rain is forecast for the next few days; I can breathe again! Continue reading

GBFD – Silver and Purple

When it is hot and it is very HOT, the light shimmers and plants with silver or grey foliage look their very best.

The combination of silver and purple always looks great together; sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ seems to love the heat and its colour is better than ever.

Sedum 'Purple Emperor'

Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ loves the heat

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Flowering in the Magenta Border today 20th June

I haven’t updated what is flowering in the Magenta border for a while.  Lots of Asters are bulking up so I’m looking forward to a good show of them later on in summer; now the delicate foliage and interesting flat heads of Achillea is the main feature.


Beyond the Magenta zone begins a predominantly yellow part of the border, I need to think of a biggish plant or maybe a line of grasses to visually separate the colours; maybe I could continue the Nepeta which would look fine with both colours, any thoughts? Continue reading

GBBD Summer at Last!

Until this past Monday, 10th June, the weather here in central Lazio as not been its usual sunny and warm self.  Then as the forecasters promised Tuesday the temperature has noticeably risen; the air feels warmer and the afternoon wind from the sea began to blow. Actually just a few moments ago when I was taking photographs there was a mini-whirlwind; I looked around and thought the sky was full of strange birds but instead it was hay that had just been cut from the field behind the house, moments later it passed through the garden lifting dropped petals high into the air, sorry I didn’t manage to get a clear image. Continue reading

This week’s view of the slope

I have decided to post some images of the slope every week.  It is the part of the garden that changes the most throughout the year.  This part of the garden has large naturalistic drifts of plants, some are wild plants that blow into the garden, like the Verbascum that are about to flower, others are plants that just self-seed and so they choose where to plant themselves. Continue reading