The Slope on Thursday – the emphasis is lilac-blue

Our very strange weather continues!  Cool for July, scudding white clouds or just an overcast sky with some sun.  We are still sleeping under a duvet – either we’ve become very soft or it really is very much cooler this year often by the end of May the duvet is off!  We haven’t had a lot of rain but even just a little IS a lot for this part of central Italy.  The garden and the gardener are very happy.  My Italian friends and anyone else I speak to aren’t so happy, they feel cheated if the sky isn’t a constant blue from June until September.

I looked back at last year’s posts at this time and apart from the blue sky the slope doesn’t look very different, I’m surprised!

The usual view

The usual view

P1160744 blog P1160739 P1160745 P1160747 blog P1160748 P1160751 P1160738

I found this spider on a Verbascum, I think it is different than the ones I usually see, any IDs would be very helpful, thank you.

P1160742 blog

What areas of your garden look different this year because of the different weather conditions?

43 thoughts on “The Slope on Thursday – the emphasis is lilac-blue

  1. Those fluffy clouds floating in blue seem pretty summery to me. And the plants look happy. I think that’s Russian sage? It’s blooming here too, so pretty. I like the mix of things you are growing on the slope.

    • Yes, that’s right it’s Perovskia; I have lots in the garden as it copes with my drought conditions well. The formal beds at the front of the house are filled with it! Usually our skis are pure deep blue for most of summer (most of the year really)!

  2. Lovely colours in your garden! Sadly/happily we don’t have to worry (yet) about lack of water in Scotland, but this year is set to be our second warmest on record. That’s bad for global climate but rather guiltily it is good for the garden!

  3. That sky could be ours Christina… except for today’s rain. Yes, it is cooler here too and one area is looking rather sad; after some early June heat I cut back my large patch of ostrich ferns six weeks earlier than last year. They were so singed and gasping for water… Now the new buds are sprouting already and thankful for rain and cooler temperatures, so hope they return for a full show again!

  4. The light in your pictures is wonderful. After an exceptionally hot May here, June was relatively cool and, so far, July has been warm but not miserable, only a bit more muggy. We haven’t been lucky enough to get any rain despite the monsoonal clouds to the east. I lot quite a few plants in May due to the unseasonable heat and the Agapanthus bloomed early and are finishing early. The lawn has also gone dormant significantly ahead of schedule. I’m stealing myself for ongoing drought conditions while keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be pleasantly surprised by a wet El Nino this winter.

  5. It may be similar to last month, but how different from earlier in the year! It all looks wonderful.
    I love the pink/purple succulent. Is it a type of mesembryanthemum? I grow the multicoloured ones but only because that is all I can get from the garden centre. I would love a single colour instead, though I guess I will have to get some cover and start planting seeds for that.

  6. My Perovskia still isn’t showing any blue, but it can’t be long now, it is so pretty when in flower. We have been having sunshine and showers for a while now, but sometimes the showers are torrential, flattening everything!

    • Heavy rain is never so good for the garden but especially if plants have grown ‘soft’ from a lot of wet weather previously. Although our rain is often torrential it doesn’t usually do a lot of damage because the plants don’t grow so tall and the stems tend to be harder – this year it is a bit different and I’ve noticed more things are falling over.

  7. It is all looking wonderful Christina. I was so pleased with my little spike of Tulbaghia violacea and you have great drifts of it. Does it seed itself?

    • No, Chloris, it hasn’t ever self seeded by it builds up large clumps which can then be divided. It was planted first in the Left hand border but as that became shadier it stopped flowering so I moved it here where it took 2 years to form these large clumps. It is probably looking better then it ever has before.

  8. These photographs are wonderful Christina. Glad your rain has helped everything excel this year. We’re getting a slight rain this evening, only our third of the summer (by my count anyway). Not sure this will be significant at all but it feels better to think the garden is getting a sip of water.

    • I think you mean the Tulbaghia violacea. Don’t plant near the edge of a path because it smells of garlic! But it is pretty and it flowers for a long period when it is happy, needs full sun.

  9. I know the society garlic smells rather, but the flowers are so pretty. I love the ships with the rosemary, such a great contrast in texture. I had to smile at the thought of your delight at the extra rain whilst Italian friends bemoan the clouds!

  10. I love the colors of your July garden! We are having a rain shower about once every week or two here, and no duvet needed! I am so tuned to the weather that I am always a bit surprised when folks have no idea what days of hot sun and no rain can do to a garden.

    • Yes, and people forget really quickly what the weather was like, a season ago, a month ago or even a week ago! We had more rain this weekend and garden looks like a jungle.

  11. To me the fact that your slope looks similar to other years means you’ve done a good job matching the plants to the location. My garden seems to go up and down as some things dry up in misery or take off in a good year.
    Maybe I should aim more for a happy medium… and plant a few of the mirabilis. What a bright color!

  12. The weather has made such a difference here. Last year I had the last photo shoot planned for the end of June but we had such a cold spring I had to get that extended to the end of July. I didn’t have dahlias in flower until August, this year I picked the first dahlias the last week of June. Flowers have been fantastic this year but my crab apple has suffered from the lack of water with only tiny little fruit appearing. I’m spending a lot of time watering the allotment which is exhausting but the lovely weather has been gorgeous with scents lingering in the warm air.

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