Wisteria and planting vegetables

The Wisteria began flowering at Easter and is now in full bloom, I may have said before that Tulips are my favourite flower but Wisteria certainly comes a very close second.

Wisteria 'profusion' being just that, prolific

Rosa mutabilis began to flower for Bloom day, and the bushes are now covered with flowers, but the first ‘real’ rose flowered on 15th April.  It has a lovely sweet perfume.

On the east side of the terrace there are white wisteria

Rosa Conrad Ferdinand Meyer

Last weekend, 17th and 18th April I bought andplanted plug plants in the orto, vegetable garden.   I planted aubergine, purple and green basil, courgettes, cucumbers, hot chilli peppers and red and yellow bell peppers (I choose square shaped ones that are good for stuffing or making Piedmonte peppers, I’ll add alink to the recipe when I make the dish for the first time this year.  I found beefsteak tomatoes and pachino (which are small, very tasty, plum shaped tomatoes and a local tomato from Lake Bolsena that I’m assured is the best salad variety!  I’m planning to buy some heritage variety vegetables too, if I don’t run out of space.  I also planted three types of lettuce.  I’m going to try sweetcorn which is actually very difficult to buy here – it is considered animal feed and actually when you do find them that is all they’re good for as they are usually as hard as bullets and not sweet at all.  my seed is a bit old so may not germinate, fingers crossed.

I will add a page to the blog with more details about the vegetable garden and when crops begin etc.

The other evening there were very black clouds over Viterbo with the evening sun shining allowing me to take this very atmospheric photo.

4 thoughts on “Wisteria and planting vegetables

  1. It all looks really beautiful, christina.The wisteria is particularly enviable. I love the white one. I have planted it here to climb some beech trees.It is still in tight leaf buds, but definitely climbing!

    • Thank you, the wisteria is doing just what I hoped it would, though I planted 6, one on each pillar and one has no flowers whatsoever, it will have to be changed and I have lost 18 months growth.

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