The Spring Walk 21st March 2014

For the next few weeks I’ll post some images of the Spring Walk on Fridays so I can see how it performs in its first year.

Looking towards the fig tree

Looking towards the fig tree

Anemone coronaria de Caen Mix

Anemone coronaria de Caen Mix

Anemone coronaria de Caen 'The Bride'

Anemone coronaria de Caen ‘The Bride’


Looking towards the Mulberry

Looking towards the Mulberry

Viburnum burkwoodii

Viburnum burkwoodii

At the moment I’m most pleased at how the Viburnum burkwoodii is looking.  If I walk past it the perfume is heavenly and it has grown so that it is now taller than the Photinia, breaking up the line of the hedging and looking airy and graceful.  The Anemones close by the still the ones you saw flowering a couple of weeks ago.

18 thoughts on “The Spring Walk 21st March 2014

    • The grass is Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’, it has been cut back a bit but because it was so mild this winter it started into growth before I had cut any of the grasses back and if you cut into the new growth it doesn’t grow proberly so it will be ugly this year, but the new growth will hide some of the old stems and I will be able to comb some of them out. The orange-edged grass isn’t actually a grass at all but it does look like one, it’s Libertia peregrinans, an evergreen with small white flowers.

  1. Your Spring walk looks lovely. What a good idea to blog the progress. I think I will do the same. Everything is coming out so fast, every day makes a difference. In a way I wish everything would slow down so I had more time to savour every individual flower.

  2. I see that Annette already asked my question, the libertia looks interesting. I think I recall you mentioning it in an earlier post and it was new to me then too! It gives a cool effect 🙂
    The border looks nice, good idea to follow it through the year!

    • I’ll show it during spring and then we’ll see! I searched for libertia for ages after seeing it in an RHS garden. The leaves remain very stiff so it wouldn’t work in all situations. The flowers are delicate, I’ll try to remember to show them when it flowers.

  3. Lovely Christina. The Viburnum probably tempts you to walk past more often and you can enjoy the walk even more. How long do the anemones flower? I think they would be a summer flower here wouldn’t they?

  4. Lovely flowers in your spring walk, the anemones are beautiful, a real splash of colour. We have another plant in common, Libertia perigrinans, which must be happy as it is spreading nicely!

    • I’m sure you’ve seen the Libertia perigrinans at Rosemore, gowing under the trees the flowers light up the shade. Mine is spreading quite well too, so it is a very accomodating plant.

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