The Spring Walk – Still Good!

Despite the rain, despite the hail the Spring walk is only slowly fading into summer.

I am so pleased with this planting although I certainly need to add other bulbs to extend the season, especially earlier in the year. I will add Iris reticulata, maybe I’ll try again with some small narcissus and I’ve already moved some of the winter flowering Iris unguicularis and species freesia to the border. For the end of the season I will add Dutch Iris, probably a mixed pack to keep the random effect going.

There are no more tulips to open, I purchased mostly late tulips but with the mild winter they have all flowered early, the last to open was T. Sorbet and they are the last to look fresh, those that didn’t lose their heads in the hail that is!

The spring walk looking west

The spring walk looking west

Anemone coronaria - such good value (I know I said that before!)

Anemone coronaria – such good value (I know I said that before!)

The Anemone coronaria de Caen are still pumping out new blooms and each bloom lasts so long they are a wonderful addition to the garden (why didn’t I have them from the beginning?).

Rosa 'Old Blush' with T. Curley Sue'

Rosa ‘Old Blush’ with T. Curley Sue’

Rosa 'Old Blush' with T. Curley Sue' and T. Sorbet

Rosa ‘Old Blush’ with T. Curley Sue’ and T. Sorbet

The pink China rose (R. Old Blush) that possibly flowers for a longer period than any other rose in the garden is already covered with blooms creating a contrast I didn’t expect with the dark purple fringed tulip ‘Curly Sue’ and Heuchera ‘Stormy Seas’.




On the west side Arbutilon is flowering as well as another Heuchera (not sure of this one’s variety). One new bulb about to flower are some Ixias, at least I think that is what they are; on my database it says I put them in the Large Island – we will see. They’re not something I’ve grown before so I don’t know what they look like at this stage of their development.

Looking east Heuchera and Anemone coronaria

Looking east Heuchera and Anemone coronaria

23 thoughts on “The Spring Walk – Still Good!

  1. Your garden looks lovely. We’ve had a mild winter and a warm spring here so everything has bloomed quickly and hasn’t lasted particularly long. Everything has looked stunning though. My anemone have done well in the garden which has surprised me as I don’t really have the best conditions for them. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Still looking great as you say, Christina. Lovely combination with the red Anemone and Heuchera. Does your Abutilon grow in the border? I have two and like them although they often look a bit untidy. Do you grow alliums too?

  3. That abutilon is a beauty. I have a weakly looking specimen in a pot which is begging to come out for the summer. (It’s at a large window in our cool cellar). Either the nights are too cold or the sun is too strong… it will have to go in a shady spot to get acclimatised again! I have also been pleased with the contrasting purple heuchera with pink tulips. Your heuchera looks lovely with the anemone too.

    • Heuchera are great to combine with white, pink and orange flowers. I think that ‘Stormy Seas’ is one of the best, but there are many that are worth their space in the garden.

  4. Christina it still looks lovely and a really like T. curly sue, my tulips are just starting to open,

    thanks for your concern, I didn’t do as much today and the cold east wind had me in the house early, Frances

  5. Its glorious Christina. I was re-reading Beth Chatto’s book about her gravel garden, and was interested to learn that she approached her layering of plants in stages, as she felt her way forward. Made me feel better about gradually adding and tweaking rather than trying to “get it all right” from the start.

  6. Looks great there, I love it when the trees are leafing out and you have that dappled shade starting over the spring borders.
    The anemones still look great, I know I’ve said it before but I’m a little envious of those who can grow them unprotected outside…. and the combination with the heuchera is very eye catching!

  7. Your spring walk has been such a success. I’m glad to get to see your Anemone coronaria again, particularly I love the blue ones. Heuchera ‘Stormy Seas’ looks great with its companions.

  8. I love your idea of a spring walk. I’d like to do something similar at the bottom of our garden. It would have to be a bit wilder and it will take a bit of time but it is a marvellous idea. The Abutilon is beautiful but we are too cold in the winter for that type and that is the type I like. I will just have to share yours. Amelia

  9. The walk is looking really lovely, Christina, even with fading tulips. It is a learning curving working out what best to include for successional colour and I look forward to seeing what you have added when it comes to this time next year. It’s good to see a big clump of heuchera, like the last picture, as they make even more of an impact that way. I lost several of mine during my changes a couple of years ago, so I could do with planning for some more for the bed round the Acer griseum.

    • I think that if I still lived in the UK I would use a lot more of them! Here in Italy they are a plant for shade and they need some summer irrigation but not excessive.

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