The Slope on Thursday – Blue on blue on blue

The week began with a forecast of rain all week.  I know not to believe it when the same forecast is given for a couple of weeks; what it means is that don’t know when the wind will change direction and the temperatures will change.  Monday was wet all day and Tuesday was grey with a couple of showers but Wednesday and today (Thursday) have been very warm.  Blue skies with just a few very high white fluffy clouds and no wind.  The temperature in the greenhouse is 34°C outside somewhere in the mid-twenties.

The usual view

The usual view

The slope is blue!

Blue from the continuing flowers of the Prostrate rosemary.

Prostrate rosemary and Muscari

Prostrate rosemary, Teucrium and Muscari

Blue from the Muscari which are becoming more day with each day of sun.

rosemary, Iris shoots and Muscai

rosemary, Iris shoots and Muscai

Prostrate rosemary and Muscari

Prostrate rosemary and Muscari

Blue from the Teucrium.





Euphorbia rigida a touch of acid yellow for contrast

Euphorbia rigida a touch of acid yellow for contrast

What’s the predominating colour in your garden this week?

31 thoughts on “The Slope on Thursday – Blue on blue on blue

  1. My plum tree is still dominating with its white blossom. I can now look forward to seeing blue flowers as I bought a Teuchrium fruticans in the autumn as I admired yours so much. It has settled in very happily, so it shouldn’t be too long until it flowers. Amelia

  2. Just lovely Christina. All that gorgeous blue and grey! The colour in my less than well-clothed garden is mud turning to dust at the moment. About 18 days without rain here, but we are promised for next week (like you, am sceptical!) Teucrium fruticans is one of the bonniest plants in the world. Thanks for a nice finishing note to my Thursday in the garden.

  3. The slope is looking great. It must be nice to have the warmer weather return. Quite oddly, my rosemary is still flowering away…very out of season, but the bees love it 🙂

  4. Your Muscari do look like a little river running down your slope… really effective with the blue rosemary. I don’t really have one predominant colour at the moment, but the blue/purple crocus always catch my eye when I go outside. 🙂

  5. Isn’t that muscari fantastic with the rosemary! Blue works for me every time. Actually green stands out in my garden this week. We have cool-season grass and it almost overnight turned deep green and started getting so tall my husband felt it was time to give it a trim.

    • I missed the eclipse, I was in the Capitoline museum, enjoying the ‘dying gaul’ and other wonderful sculptures from the ancient world. Primroses are always cheerful and brighten bleak days.

    • The Rosemary begins flowering with a few flowers in November and usually continues until April. Glad you like the Muscari, some of the stream are now actually under the Rosemary and I should move them.

  6. I don’t think you really want to know what the predominate color in my garden is…. all I have to say is that blue looks far more welcome! The muscari is doing well and you can easily see the flush of spring throughout your slope. It is such a nice sight.

  7. I’m afraid the dominant color is still brown, though some purple and yellow crocus are getting ready to bloom. We have lots of Muscari, but it will be a while before we see them in flower.

  8. I love the blue of your slope. My garden, like Linda’s, is mainly yellow just now with daffodils and primroses. The hellebores are still going full throttle but the first real blue will be the pulmonaria which is nearly ready and the muscari which is a couple weeks away.

  9. I love all that blue, Christina! The colour in my garden can only be described as spotty while I wait for plants to grow and fill in their spaces ;0 There is a lot of pink, however, with the penstemon and the Salvia greggii still in full bloom…

  10. So lovely, I almost feel I can warm my hands on some pictures – things seem to be basking. Sigh.

    My garden? Well, yellow from the daffs and primrose, but a beautiful, astonishing, vibrant royal blue from my beloved chionodoxas. So I’ll go with blue too, because they’re so assertive, and because they’re spreading. And I’ve got blue anemones too.

      • Work is being put back in its proper place, so hopefully more time for important things, like other people’s gardens!

        I find anemones really difficult to photograph – they just seem to reflect more light than other blues. But they are sooooooo lovely….

  11. Lots of lovely blues Christina – I am amazed by how long your rosemary has been flowering for!! The yellow of daffodils and primroses has been the main colour in my garden for a few weeks, but the muscari are starting to flower now and all my blue and white hyacinths are livening the place up this weekend.

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