Tuesday View 1st November and more autumn flowers

Cathy at Words and Herbs has decided to stop her Tuesday View during the winter, I will continue to show the view but perhaps not every week.

Today is 1st November and it has not been an autumnal day at all but a gloriously warm sunny day which I would associate more with September than November.  Plants in the garden continue to enjoy the weather too and many are producing more flowers now than I’ve seen since May or June.  I took these images at about 4.30 pm so the sun is already sinking in the sky but that only adds to the pleasure of photographing these flowers.

The Tuesday View

The Tuesday View

Moving in closer to the Crab Apple with R. mutabilis behind on the other side of the drive

Moving in closer to the Crab Apple with R. mutabilis behind on the other side of the drive

The crab apples are similar in colour to the afternoon crimson of R. mutabilis.

Rosa mutabilis

Rosa mutabilis

The Arbutus fruits are ripening

The Arbutus fruits are ripening

R. 'Clair Matin'

R. ‘Clair Matin’

Pennisetum villosa shown to advantage in the low light

Pennisetum villosa shown to advantage in the low light

Anemone coronaria 'The Bride'

Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’

I am so pleased to see that most of last year’s Anemone coronaria have foliage and many are beginning to show buds.

Anemone coronaria 'Mr Fokker' and a fading Sedum flower

Anemone coronaria ‘Mr Fokker’ and a fading Sedum flower

China roses are the most reliable in my hot, dry garden this is R. China Pink

China roses are the most reliable in my hot, dry garden this is R. China Pink

Rosa 'Sophie's Perpetual

Rosa ‘Sophie’s Perpetual

Rosa 'Sophie's Perpetual is covered in perfect blooms

Rosa ‘Sophie’s Perpetual is covered in perfect blooms

The outer petals are darker than the centres giving a lovely effect, especially in this light.

I hope your 1st of November is as good as it is here.

34 thoughts on “Tuesday View 1st November and more autumn flowers

  1. Christina your garden lives a second spring with a magical light that makes it even more special. All roses are beautiful and are in full bloom: amazing. Coronary Anemone has some buds that I love. The view is very nice Tuesday: Rosemary is seen in bloom. Greetings from Margarita.

      • Christina just found me by the news that today has been more earthquakes in the epicenter of the earthquake. I hope that in your area there has been no tremors and be well. As for the garden, it is true Roses are more beautiful now than victims of the terrible summer heat. Enjoy them now. Greetings from Margarita.

  2. Looks like a beautiful sunny day Christina. And your roses are so lovely! The fruits and grasses hint at autumn, but otherwide it could easily be early summer! 🙂 Unfortunately the fog didn’t manage to clear here today, but we still went for a nice brisk walk in the woods anyway since it was a holiday. It was a bit spooky!

    • It was a holiday here too, but my husband had to work because the UN doesn’t recognise all the National Holidays but strangley yesterday was a holiday for them!! It was a glorious day today, the kind that makes me glad we live here.

  3. Your weather is beginning to sound as changeable as ours, Christina – we have what we’d characterize as fall-like temperatures for several days in a row, then they soar again. I’m sure the plants are confused – I know I am. I’d believe that your Rosa mutabilis was a different species if I didn’t know better but I expect mine (inherited with the house) get neither enough sun nor water. The Pennisetum look fantastic!

    • The mutabilis like full sun and where I’ve seen them planted in shade they don’t perform well. They do better than most roses in drought conditions but flower better with plenty of water as most things seem to do. It seems to be very few plants (including those that are drought tolerant) actually perform well in drought conditions they just don’t die!

  4. What beautiful soft light, it makes your plants glow. Oh, how lovely your Pennisietum looks spilling down the bank. Mine, in pots, though still flowering their socks off, will be off to the greenhouse soon.

  5. All your lovely roses make your garden look like summer. I can see that November is a great month for you with so much to enjoy. It is a treat to see all the loveliness of your second Spring. We have had some lovely weather here even though the gardens are winding down. It was 18 degrees on Saturday which is unusual for the end of October. Still I don’ t expect it will be long before the frosts start.

  6. It seems strange to see those anemones popping up at this time of year – is that what you would expect? I will be intersted to see which of mine return next year – there were quite a lot of them because of the wedding plans! The clump of pennisetum is gorgeous 🙂

  7. Gorgeous views! I have always loved fall; I call it our second spring, although with our drought that has not really been the case this year. I do love how the late afternoon light plays across your garden.

  8. We’ve been thinking of you both. Enjoyed catching up on some blogs and finding your Tuesday view. Love that your Anemone coronaria are blooming. I have some foliage that came up so hope there will be some nice flowers (last year that began in Dec. if I recall correctly, weird timing). Very mild here and extremely dry.

    • Thanks Susie. All has gone well with the operation and Richard is already walking around the hospital even as far as the bar yesterday to get a coffee! I’m really not sure when the ‘right’ season is for the Anemone, mine flower at various times each year.

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