Tuesday View 10th October 2017

The overall view hasn’t changed much but I have begun moving plants out of the bed and finding them new homes (that takes more time than planting new plants.

Tuesday View 10.10.2017

I planted some of the Teucrium that I removed under the Quercus ilex in the clipped shrub border, and some was put on the Slope

Newly planted area of the bed with Lavenders and Santolina grown from cuttings plus some Irises. I know they look very small and insignificant now but they’ll soon grow

Salvia ‘Indigo Spires’ is flowering too well to be moved. The cuttings I took last month have all rooted and some are forming flowering stems, which I am removing

As there isn’t very much to show in the weekly view I thought I’d share with you some of the other views I’m enjoying this week and show you some of the dishes I’m making with the produce from the garden.

I’ve been using the pomegranates I showed you last week in this delicious salad by Ottolenghi using celery and pearl barley

I also harvested all my quinces and made Membrillo for the first time. It is delicious but I have my doubts about how long it will last

The evening sun shining on a large pot with Solarnum jasminoides

Just a pretty colour and texture to share

I’m not sure if Cathy at Words and Herbs is posting her view this week but it would be worth checking as she has some great autumn colour from her Acer.

19 thoughts on “Tuesday View 10th October 2017

  1. Love that last photo Christina! Membrillo sounds tasty, and the salad looks delicious. Your autumn garden doesn’t really look like autumn, but perhaps late summer in a not so hot climate!

    • The truth is I don’t have enough energy. The whole bed should have been done by now instead it’s only that small area. The grasses, especially Pennisetum ‘Karly’ have really responded well to the cooler temperatures.

      • We had a few days of cooler temperatures a couple weeks ago, then summer resumed. It’s 84F and steamy from humidity this week. Finally a bit of rain though so it’s worth it.

  2. Beautiful textures. It sounds like you are like me, hard to muster energy at the end of the season. I worked for about 1.5 hours today, and that was it for me. I’m waiting for cooler weather. I have hundreds of bulbs yet to plant (what was I thinking?).

  3. That salad looks delicious! I need to start cuttings to supply the plants I’ve been unable to find in the local garden centers and also transplant some of my shrubs but we’re still experiencing dramatic shifts in temperature so I’m waiting a bit. The rain that was in our extended forecast for November is now showing pushed off until the latter part of December. I hope we’re not slipping back into a drought scenario.

  4. I agree with you about the replanting and I have been having difficulty finding places for cuttings and seedlings. My soil is incredibly dry I must make sure I water anything I plant or move. Amelia

  5. Christina the salad seems to be delicious. I have not been able to make cuttings of my Lavandas. As it does? The Salvia “Indigo Spiers” is gorgeous and I’m glad it has cuttings ingrained to plant. The last images of your garden are wonderful, more spring than autumn. Is beautiful. Greetings from Margarita.

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