In a vase on Monday – a week of flowers!

I usually cut flowers on Monday morning for my ‘In a vase on Monday’ vase to join with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and countless others who have adopted this popular gathering point on a Monday morning.  But last week the cut flower beds suddenly exploded with blooms needing to be cut.

I knew that many would be past their best by Monday and it seemed a shame to leave this the first mass flowering in the cutting beds, so with your indulgence I’ll share with you the four (wrong, five!) vases I put together during the week.

Various white Dahlias, blue Larksprur (Consolida) D. Chat Noir, Knautia macedonia and Ami visnaga, Campanular and Crimson Achellea

The back of the vase is mostly white dahlias

A new Dahlia for this year; obviously wrongly packaged as I didn’t buy any pure white this year

But I’m not complaining; it is a spectacular Dahlia.  Even before being fully open it is 22 cm across; the petals are perfect with a slight roll to the edges, I look forward to using more of these.

I added yet more Dahlias to the vase of Alstroemerias from last week

The vase is over-crowded and isn’t as satisfying as last week’s vase but it is still a pleasure to have it in the kitchen.

Next we continue with the chartreuse and deep burgundy colour scheme.  Sorry about the quality of this image but you can see it didn’t rally work so I decided to add another colour.

This vase began with dark moody Dahlias plus Nicotiana ‘Lime Green’ and Euphorbia ‘Golden Foam’

I added orange in the form of more dahlias and Achellea millefolium.

It came to life with more of the orange Dahlia; D. ‘Orange Nugget’ and Terracotta Achellea

I have had the Achellea in the garden for some time; it is always very disappointing.  It is drought tolerant in that it dies but flowers have been rare.  Last autumn I moved a mixture of different varieties to the cut flower beds where they are irrigated and I’ve been rewarded with a mass of flowers which hopefully will continue all summer.  I also grew some more from seed which are growing well but too small to flower just yet.

Terracotta Achellea and my seed grown Dahlia

Another kitchen vase with Alstroemeria, Dahlia and Verbascum chaxii ‘Alba’ and the first Zinnia

Most of the Gladioli that were planted over the last 3 years haven’t reappeared this year; but this yellow with maroon central blotches has.  Gladioli make me think of Ikebana so this is another attempt at this form of flower arranging.

An Ikebana offering featuring Gladiolus and more Dahlias

The Gladioli stayed in place long enough to be photographed but after than one has become very wayward; wanting to lean at an ever more precarious angle.

Three different dark dahlias plus orange

It is hard, now, to imagine my home without flowers; although I had begun my cuttings beds just prior to Cathy beginning this meme, I’m sure that without her encouragement and the inspiration of other contributors I would not achieved the goal of flowers in the house 52 weeks a year.

Thank you Cathy and thank you everyone who joins in.

Have a great week.


60 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – a week of flowers!

  1. What an explosion of colour. My dahlias are still only in bud. I love your white one with the wavy edges. So pretty. I love the orange and deep red combination too. I’m picking Sweet williams like mad. Luckily they just need plonking in a vase as I’m a bit tied up at the moment. I won’t be able to go to Hampton Court. We have a very sad time with illness and injury involving our elderly relatives and are all doing our best to support them. Nothing seems to be enough. x

  2. You’re such a talented flower arranger, Christina, all of the vases are stunning. Can’t get over your dahlia harvest! My favourite vase is the first one as it’s so elegant and well balanced. Have a good week xx

    • Thank you Annette, I’m not very patient with my arrangements; if they don’t work the first time I tend to just leave them. Having lots of flowers enables me to be experimental, so I’m learning what works all the time.

  3. Your vases are gorgeous, Christina. The dahlias are amazing, I love the deep, dark ones which look so velvety. I’m surprised you can grow alstroemerias as I believed they are not cold hardy. Maybe I’m wrong about that. Would love to have some myself. I’m so impressed that you have enough flowers that you can fill so many vases.

    • Alstroemerias are hardier than you might imagine. Both those I used for the vases have been in the ground all winter; and as you know we had a really cold winter this year. Do give them a try.

  4. Wow, lovely dahlias and you’ve created some terrific vases Christina. Would you be surprised my favorite is the Ikebana with gladioli? It’s a winner. My gladioli from past years are blooming this week too.

        • You’re very kind, but partly because I take my photographs indoors and Italian house have small windows to keep the bright light and heat out, plus there’s a wisteria covered pergola outside the windows making it even darker, my images tend to become rather soft focus.

          • Well I can relate to that! Ours is an old farmhouse and the lighting isn’t great either which is why I usually take my pictures outdoors! The wisteria pergola sounds heavenly!!

  5. I’ve done vases for a long time but I really enjoy sharing them and learning from others. Great lesson today in how adding orange to the dark flowers and lime foliage made it all work. I was not sure what color you would use and orange was not in my mind. But what a perfect choice; it makes the whole vase sing.

  6. Oh such an explosion of flowers and colour Christina. How fabulous to have such riches to snip. They are all attractive vases but I think that my favourite has to be the one featuring the dark dahlia and the terracotta achillea.I’ve now remembered that I had achillea seed in my seed box to sow in my but didn’t 😦 Oh well there’s always next year.The euphorbia and nicotiana really make the vase sparkle.

  7. Oh such an explosion of flowers and colour Christina. How fabulous to have such riches to snip. They are all attractive vases but I think that my favourite has to be the one featuring the dark dahlia and the terracotta achillea.I’ve now remembered that I had achillea seed in my seed box to sow in my but didn’t 😦 Oh well there’s always next year.The euphorbia and nicotiana really make the vase sparkle. Christina, can you please delete my previous comment. Having all sorts of fun and games trying to comment on WordPress blogs at the moment.

  8. Gosh – I have to use that same word – ABUNDANCE! How wonderful to celebrate it this way with all these vases – and I like you feel you are experimenting all the time with different colour combinations and blooms. I tend to keep my vases to the kitchen as they will be seen (by me!) the most there and these days may have two or three on the go, but all relatively small. Glad your cutting beds are producing the goods – enjoy all those dahlias 🙂

    • I’m a bit worried I’ll be sick of the Dahlias by the end of the summer. The Zinnias are just beginning too and those usually keep me in plenty of vases.

      • Sick of dahlias – is it possible?!! Good to know we will see your zinnias soon; here, I shall be having to rethink mine again next year, which I will write about in due course

  9. Christina what an abundance of Dahlias and flowers! Your floral arrangements are all magnificent, I lose myself in seeing each one because of how beautiful they are. Your Dahlias have blossomed this year like never before, very abundant, like the rest of flowers, I am very happy for you. With so many vases your house must be beautiful, especially the kitchen that if I remember correctly has two. The dark Dahlias I love. The first silver vase with the big white Dahlia is divine. The Ikebana I like very much, with the contrase of yellow and the thinness and height of the Gladiolus and the dark, low and round of the dark Dahlias. It is divine. The orange Dahlias of the third vase are very beautiful. You are a great florist. Have a very good week. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • I do hope you Dahlias perform well for you Margarita. They are amazing plants producing so many flowers from just one plant. I can’t understand how they went out of fashion.

  10. Wow, what abundance, Christina! I’m glad you shared all of these as each and every one is splendid! Your arrangement with the Nicotiana, burgundy and orange dahlias, and Achillea is gorgeous but I’m also in love with that Ikebana arrangement. And seed-grown dahlias – I’m impressed! I was late in planting my dahlia tubers this year and then over-watered, causing some to rot, so I’m not sure what kind of output to expect. The only blooms I’ve got thus far are those from the nursery-grown plant I bought at my local garden center. I recently pinched back all my other growing tubers so I expect it’ll be weeks yet before I get any flowers.

    • Abundance is certainly the word for the Dahlias right now. I don’t know why they are so amazing this year. I thought the cold winter might have set them back but it may have had the opposite effect. The rain this spring must have helped too, but they are always irrigated so it is strange if the rain made all that difference.

  11. Having a garden filled with flowers is a joyous thing. Your arrangements are lovely, Christina. I’m esp. liking D.’Orange Nugget’ and the dark burgundy cactus-flowering one.

  12. How lovely to be able to fill so many vases with flowers you have sown, grown and tended yourself! I love your Nicotiana, Euphorbia and the terracotta Achillea. I have never managed to grow any except the plain yellow ones which do well in a very hot and dry spot here.
    Love all those vases Christina!

  13. Your cutting garden is certainly abundant these days Christina and what a great idea to post all 5 of your creations. I tried to pick a favourite but couldn’t. Doesn’t it feel like an achievement to have flowers in the house from our gardens all year round!! I hope you are keeping well – is it very hot there now? xx

    • I’m well, thank you Julie. The temperatures are creeping up this week, but there is a mitigating wind from the north so it is still very pleasant. Yes, it is very special having flowers all year.

  14. Bountiful and wonderful.I love those dark Dahlias. Actually,I love all the Dahlias. I think the first and last vases are my favorites. I was cursed with Achillea in my former garden, I think yours is a great color and seems better behaved.

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