End of Month View – There is Colour Again

Incredibly it is the end of September already.  Where do the months go?  It’s the time to join Helen the Patient Gardener for the EMV.

My Hesperides Garden is almost back to normal; there is colour again, there is GREEN again.  September has been the coolest I can remember since we moved to Italy in 2003; after such an unbearably hot summer it has been such a welcome relief.  There has been rain, we need more but the plants have appreciated what has fallen and have shown their gratitude by bursting into new growth and in some cases into flower.

Colours are different in autumn light, sunrise and sunsets are beautiful and on the duller days subtle colours that would have appeared faded in strong summer light have looked bright.

There is perfume in the garden again too; the subtle fragrance of Rosa mutabilis is the first thing I notice when I step out of the door.

Rosa mutabilis

Rosa mutabilis is so generous, apart from the hottest months in flowers most of the year.  When there weather is cooler there are more apricot coloured blooms, staying that colour longer than when it is very got so providing more variations of colour at any one time.  The two links above are to different posts.

More powerful is the intoxicating accents of Elaeagnus x ebbingei coming from insignificant but exquisitely scented flowers.  I’m told the fruits eventually produced in April are edible, delicious even, if I remember I’ll try them next year and report back.

Lots of the flowers are blue; Salvia ‘Indigo Spires’, Caryopteris ‘Heavenly Blue’ and Perovskia are all clear pure blues.

Caryopteris ‘Heavenly Blue’, loved by the bees

There are also lots of pinks, they almost seem out of place at this time of year.

Tubaglia, these were divided in spring so didn’t flower much this year but are putting on a welcome show now.

Hibiscus have put on a long show this year, I bought another pure white from a plant fair, they are valuable plants in the garden, coping with drought and flowering later in summer and into autumn

Asters are beginning to put on a show.

You can hardly see the foliage on this Aster.

But more about them another day.

I have been busily taking cutting of plants I want more of in the garden, especially those that are drought tolerant.

My bulb order arrived this week and I have begun planting; it takes a while as I need to tidy and clear the spaces first.  I am finding that the spread sheet I created when I made my order with the positions of each bulb listed is making planting more efficient.

Another scented plant that is a joy when I walk into the garden in the morning or evening is the Datura; its perfume is so alluring to the bees that often they can’t wait for the flower to open (just as it’s getting dark) and they bore a hole to reach the nectar.


Thanks Helen for hosting this meme, even if it is a reminder of how quickly the year is passing!

19 thoughts on “End of Month View – There is Colour Again

  1. Your Caryopteris reminds me that I used to have one somewhere! Lovely flower at this time of year and lovely colour too. So glad your garden is flowering once more, plants are tougher than we think! Used to have a Datura too but it grew so big, moving it in and out of the conservatory for the winter became a problem so it was given away, miss that beautiful perfume though! Yours seems to be outside, is there a hardy variety?

    • Hi Pauline, yes the Datura is hardy, its a perennial that dies back completely when it gets cold but regrows in Spring. They do get very large, this is actually a piece of root from one that became so big in a space that I thought could look more interesting at other times of year. All the bits of root I planted have grown; it seems to be a wild flower around here, sometimes you see them on the edges of fields. I’m sorry I don’t know the exact variety as a friend gave it to me and I think she found it in the countryside. Christina

  2. I can’t believe how quickly the seasons turned this year! I am so glad your weather has moderated. It is a rainy, cool day here, and I am loving it. Rosa mutabilis has been one of my most reliable shrubs. It produces only a scattering of blooms during the hot summer, but now it is beginning to bloom more heavily as the temperature cools. Yours is lovely! Caryopteris is another plant we share; my bees love it too!

    • tubaglia should do well in your garden. It doesn’t mind the heat and will tolerate cold winters. Usually it flowers for months on end, but the move definately slowed it down this year. Christina

  3. your garden has picked up so quickly with the rain and cool tempretures, those asters look fabulous, I’ve just bought a Caryopteris ‘Heavenly Blue’ and Perovskia so hope to enjoy them next year, I find it easier to work out where things are going before buying so I know what I am doing, Frances

  4. How wonderful your garden has rebounded and is blooming…I have some blooms but not too much as the cool weather and rain was too late to do much good. But I too have had time to work in the garden now. Your blooms are just gorgeous!

  5. Autumn flowers are often the loveliest, aren’t they? And I suppose we appreciate them more because Winter is just around the corner. Looking at your Caryopteris “Heavenly Blue” I can’t wait for mine to flower for the first time, although I have to get through Spring and Summer first! I’m glad your weather has cooled down and you can enjoy the garden again.

  6. Hello again, Christina thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today and over my infreqent postings this past while. I really do appreciate them. I have only scanned this posting today knowing I will return one evening/breakfast when I can concentrate more. I really do enjoy the plants and plantings you have in your garden and look forward to relaxing reading through your posts another time:-)

  7. Your rosa mutabilis is as striking as ever. How lovely that you have had greenery and colour back in your garden this past month. Your aster is stunning too – what foliage?! 😀

  8. I enjoyed your end of month view Christina. That elaeagnus really packs a punch scent wise for such a little flower. I had not realised that the fruits were edible so have made a note to try. My Italian cousins from Rome came over not long ago to spend a long weekend with my mum. They were hoping to cool down but their visit coincided with one of the very few warm spells we have had in 2012:)

  9. How lovely to see so much colour in your garden again Christina, it all looks beautiful, and the softer September light must make the most of those soft pinks. Beautiful aster, I really must build up my collection. Happy cutting taking! Always good to make free plants.

    • I’m trying to build up my supply of plants I know will survive the drought, and to multiply plants that I have only one of; the more time passes the more I want larger and larger drifts of things or repetition of key plants around the garden. Christina

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