A pleasant walk with many wild flowers

Yesterday, Saturday, was an unexpectedly sunny day.  Rain had been forecast but it didn’t arrive until mid-afternoon today so most of the weekend has been good for gardening and for a pleasant walk for some exercise and to see what is flowering in the countryside around the house.

Some of the flowers I can see from the car when driving along the lane but others are less conspicuous and needed the slower pace of a walk to become visible.

The blue flowers of chickory people go out to collect these plants, they are a favourite vegetable here

The blue flowers of chickory; people go out to collect these plants, they are a favourite vegetable here

Is this some kind of Echium?  I see the seed heads but rarely notice the actual flowers

Is this some kind of Echium? I see the seed heads but rarely notice the actual flowers

We saw sheep with their lambs; they are probably destined for the Christmas table as young lamb is often chosen for Christmas lunch here in Italy, the meal on Christmas Eve is the most important meal and that is traditionally fish, often with several courses and a moment for the family to be together.

I enjoy seeing the sheep around the house and seeing the new lambs jumping with the joy of being alive

I enjoy seeing the sheep around the house and seeing the new lambs jumping with the joy of being alive

Click on the image above to see all the wild flowers I saw yesterday, some are quite a surprise.

Can you see the wild rocket?  It has yellow flowers, it grows inside the garden too, I leave it where it wants to grow and crop it whenever I need some spicy, peppery leaves for salads.

Are you able to enjoy pleasant walks where you live?  What is your favourite time of year for walking?  In the summer it is just too hot to be able to enjoy walking.

26 thoughts on “A pleasant walk with many wild flowers

  1. You still have a good number of lovely wild flowers along the sides of your roads. Our grass verges were cut in September so everywhere is very short now by the roadside, we will have to wait for spring when the snowdrops and primroses start again.

  2. It’s too hot to walk in the Algarve in the summer, unless you do it early in the morning or in the evening. I love walking in the spring – it’s the best season for wild flowers. Now it can get quite windy and I get the sniffles too easily.

  3. Ah, the downside of reading blogs on my tablet, no flash support – which must apply to the one I used too! I’ll check it out later. Interesting that lamb is so popular at Christmas in Italy, it is our favourite Christmas Dinner too. As for favourite time of year to walk, anything except summer unless it is a cool but fine summer! Each season brings its own special delights, I think, but spring and autumn are particularly good in the UK. Assuming you can find a dry sunny day you don’t need to be doing something else on!!

    • That’s interesting, here the collected new plants are sold in vegetable shops and they are considered a delicacy, most people prefer it to spinach or other leave greens.

  4. Peccato che non posso vedere la galleria d’immagini con il tablet! Primavera e autunno le stagioni migliori per le passeggiate. La pianta della seconda immagine è un echium vulgaris, detto anche erba viperina. Ho fatto delle foto ad agosto della pianta fiorita, quando avrò il pc di nuovo in funzione te le mando. È l’unica specie che ho visto crescere da me sui mucchi di terra di scavo delle vasche, intendo dire anche sugli strati di terra più profondi e più sterili riportati con lo scavo in superficie.

  5. What a pretty slide show! I used to walk every morning but my knee started acting up and the orthopedist suggested a stationary bike in lieu of a daily walk – it’s not nearly as enjoyable. Even during the “dog days” of summer here, early mornings are relatively pleasant, although our scenery isn’t nearly as nice as yours.

  6. The flowers are a welcome sight now that everything is going over here – looks almost like summer! I love walking down near our canal, as there are meadows and woodland between the occasional small fields with crops, and out of season there are rarely other people down there. We have lots of chicory at the roadsides here – they call it “road guardian”!

  7. Do you pick the rocket for your kitchen? Plenty of little wildflowers to disover, an activity I also enjoy very much. My favourite time for walking is spring and early summer as well as autumn if it’s not too wet. Plenty of beautiful walks around here, we’re lucky.

  8. Horrible weather here at the moment, Christina. But I’m already planning my next long walk – probably in March. It’s always a gamble with the weather (but there won’t be any crowds!). Dave

    • You are a glutton for punishment; I remember what the weather was like when you did your walk last March. Wherever you go I’ll look forward to reading all about it. The weather is very different here today, gale force winds, rain and thunder last night, not so fun!

  9. Your countryside still looks far away from autumn, its lovely to be able to see the wild flowers. I like to walk when it is sunny, I can take a fair bit of heat but not excessive, but sometimes it can be sunny and still cool in the winter. I’ve never eaten chicory leaves, something for me to try.

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