In a vase on Monday – a little something to brighten my day

I have been absent without leave from blogland!  I needed a little break and life has been very pleasantly busy over the Christmas and New Year period.  I have enjoyed reading many of your posts but not commented again through lack of time.  So to all of you that I haven’t wished an individual Happy New Year, I send you my very best wishes now.

Until Saturday the house has been full of festive foliage, all of which I have shared with you on previous posts; now it is January and there is very little to pick and put into a vase for Cathy at Rambling in the garden.  But the pleasure that even one flower can give should not be underestimated so here is what I found this morning.

In a vase on Monday 8th January 2018

I thought I would be lucky to find enough blooms for one of my little Campari bottles but in the end I was able to fill three.

Iris unguicularis

Iris unguicularis is the most reliable flowering plant in my winter garden.  I know many of you complain about its ugly leaves in summer but for me any plant that is completely drought tolerant through even the hottest summer and flowers from November to April is a star.  I intend splitting my larger clump in early spring and creating a small drift that I can see from inside the house; there are already four small clumps in the woodland walk and the original large clump under the Mutabilis roses that I see whenever I go out of the house.

The Lavender is an unknown variety that flowers most of the year on and off (more on than off, really); Teucrium is y most reliable shrub, again it flowers from November through to April and is completely drought tolerant.  Even the plants that have been pruned into tight spheres have some flowers and those allowed to grow freely are full of flowers.

Macro of the delicate pattern on the petals of the Iris

It is lucky that these three stalwarts of my garden are all a similar tone of blue and complement each other in form in a vase.

With my special thanks to Cathy for creating and encouraging us all with this lovely meme.  Do visit to see what she and others have found for their vases today.

36 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – a little something to brighten my day

  1. A most beautiful trio and well photographed too. Looks almost as if you’ve used texture, very painterly. I wish you all the best for the new year, Christina, may it bring you lots of happiness 🙂

  2. Oh they really do complement each other well, Christina – how fortuitous! I moved the fairly new Iris unguicularis that I had to the shrub border and perhaps need to ferret around to see if they are still in the land of the living! Glad you enjoyed a break away from the computer – I have too! Here’s looking forward to a floriferous 2018 and lots of lovely vases 🙂

    • The Iris does take a while to settle and likes to be in a reasonably large clump which is why I don’t want to break down my large clump too much. I hope yours is still alive.

      • It’s SO cold today and having been out this morningI have delayed my ramble while I get up to date with IAMV, but I must venture out soon… certainly not like me to leave it so late and I shall head straight for where I put the iris so I don’t forget by the time I have rambled round the rest of the garden!

  3. Oh yes any wonderful bloom in winter is special and especially an iris. Love seeing this spring color as all we see is white….it has been arctic here the last few weeks, but hoping for some indoor blooms soon. Wishing you a Happy New Year on your return!


  4. I was absent over the holidays too, but it is good to be back and visiting posts full of flowers again! Love those little irises, perfect for your campari vases. How lovely to have lavender flowers in January too. 🙂

  5. Christina the Iris unguicularis “The Lavander” are beautiful. They have a color and some yellow spots and white stripes on the petals that make them wonderful. I like Teucrium a lot. The three vases remain marvellous. Happy 2018 and have a lot of gardening and many flowers! Greetings from Margarita.

    • This year has been so cold here, The Irises give great value although as I said many bloggers dislike their summer untidy foliage, I can easily live with that given that they are completely drought tolerant and flower most of the winter.

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