In a vase on Monday, well every day of the week really.

Monday is a special day of the week as it is then that we join Cathy at Rambling in the garden to share a vase of flowers picked from our own gardens.

I always hated cutting flowers from the borders and spoiling the displays so I have always wanted a cut flower bed; I have certainly not been disappointed that I dedicated space to creating the beds several years ago which just predated this meme.  The Dahlias are in overdrive so again I picked and created vases during the week as well as vases for today’s post.

Here are the vases I arranged during last week.

Again a mix of dark dahlias with chartreuse foliage and pops of orange dahlias.

Dahlia ‘Orange Duet’ maybe?

This is the large carafe, so it was a large arrangement

Seed grown Verbascum Chaxii ‘Album’

Seed-grown Echinacea

Various white Dahlias – back of vase

I’ve planted a lot of white and dark dahlias (sometimes I’ve purchased the same ones twice!!)  So the issue is how to make the vases different.  White can obviously be mixed with almost anything as well as filling a vase with only white, so that’s not such a problem.

In a vase on Monday

Both the white and pink dahlias are huge, about 25 cm diameter.

The colour is more mauve pink that it looks in this image. Dahlia ‘Lilac Time’

The mauve pink was from a mixed pack of shades of mauve called simply Purple blend.  The large white came in that pack too, which last week I described as a misnamed pack.

A different white, more fluffy here with Achillea

Also included are white Zinnias, Ami visnaga, Daucus carrota and Orlaya; here shown in natural light outside.

It is the dark dahlias that pose the real problem as as much as I love them, in a vase (an especially in a photograph) they suck in all the light and look like ‘black holes’.  Having found as above in last week’s vase that they work well with chartreuse and perhaps some orange I realise I don’t have enough chartreuse flowers or foliage and as much as I love the effect I don’t want the ‘same’ vase each time; this time I’ve paired them with pink and silver foliage.

Dahlia Chat Noir, Crimson Dahlias and Zinnias, pink Echinacea and silver foliage of Senecio

Zinnias, pink Echinacea and silver foliage of Senecio

For a little extra I also added Perovskia, Teucrium and Lavender.

What do you think; which way of dealing with the ‘darks’ do you like best?

And finally, there were more orange dahlias to use.

I mixed the orange dahlias with a crimson gladioli, Crocosmia and a mixed colour gladioli and the peachy coloured Alstroemeria which is producing more stems in a very satisfactory way

I didn’t realise when I was putting the colours together that they match our outside table

Do visit Cathy to see more vases from around the world.


56 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday, well every day of the week really.

  1. I love the dark dahlias with silver foliage, and the orange and red vase is glorious. Great use of gladioli. Here the weather is super hot and the garden blooming furiously – but too fast!!

  2. Wow what a glorious abundance of delights. Do you have any copper foliage to team with the dark dahlias? I love all your arrangements, but still love the dark dahlias with chartreuse arouns them best.
    Adore your verbascum. ❤

  3. The orange dahlia vase is an eye-catcher, such a freely happy mix of color. I’m loving the variations you’ve come up with using your beautiful dahlias.

    I don’t have a reliable method for photographing my vases but experiments have taught me if only red (dark) flowers, photograph against white background; white flowers show up against black background. Neutral gray background is best for combination. Try light coming in from side and slightly in front of the vase and angled down so top of each flower gets strongest light.

  4. All your arrangements are stunning and I can’t make up my mind which one I like best! 🙂 I do really like the silver foliage with the dark flowers.

  5. Oh my Christina each is stunning. The Dahlia ‘Orange Duet’ really caught my eye as did the carafe of flowers. And I think I really loved the bright flowers in the last vase! Your cutting garden really is a abundant amazing garden filled with so much garden joy!

    • It is such a luxury to have fresh flowers all the time in spring and summer. Usually in mid summer the flowers don’t last very long in a vase so having new blooms to pick is wonderful.

  6. They are all gorgeous. How delightful to have a cutting garden so full of beautiful blooms to bring inside. Well done!

  7. Christina that abundance of gorgeous vases with flowers that I love. Your 1st vase with dark Dahlias and oranges like the Dahlia “Orange Duet” I love it. Your 2nd vase Verbascum chaxii “Album” is spectacular and I like it a lot like the white Dahlias. The 3rd vase, In a vase on Monday, is magnificent, I love it, with your silver vase (it’s my favorite). The white with the pink mallow is divine. The Dahlia “Lilac Time” is wonderful. I love all the flowers in the bouquet. The 4th vase I love how Senecio is with the dark Dahlias. I like it much more than the chartreuse foliage. The 5th and last vase is all color and summer, I love it. The Red Gladiolus, the Orange Dahlias and the Alstroemeria I like a lot. Christina I really enjoyed your vases and flowers. Your house must be a paradise with so much beautiful vase. I’m glad that one day you decided to make cutting beds to have such wonderful flower bouquets. Have a good week. Greetings from Margarita.

    • I’m so glad I started the cut flower beds too. The flowers don’t last a whole week so I don’t have 5 vases all at once. At the moment there are 3. I’m glad you liked the silver foliage with the dark Dahlias, I think I prefer it too.

  8. Your dahlias are stunning – the ‘Orange Duet’ is gorgeous – and your cutting bed is clearly paying dividends Love the carafe of flowers too.. I used to think the same way about cutting flowers from my borders but not now – if I don’t get them the rain usually does!

  9. What an abundance you have, Christina! I love that dahlia that might be ‘Orange Duet’ but of course they’re all beautiful. Other than my ‘Otto’s Thrill’, none of my dahlias have bloomed yet but I’m hoping that may be attributable to the cooler than average temperatures we’ve had thus far (not that I’m complaining about those!). As to which mix works best with the dark dahlias, you’ve done a masterful job with all your choices, although I have a preference for the chartreuse and orange accents.

  10. My goodness, what an abundance of blooms and such fabulous arrangements. I can’t wait for my dahlias to bloom. I never thought of growing white ones, I wish I had after seeing yours. The dark ones look gorgeous with silver foliage.

    • Funny to think I’d never grown dahlias before I started the cut flower bed and then only because I bought a very cheap pack of mixed bulbs that contained one small tuber which went to produce more than a 100 huge blooms in the first year. Now I’m hooked!

  11. My favorites are the silvery vase with the pale arrangement and the last vase shown. I agree that the dark Dahlias are fantastic in person but hard to photograph. What a beautiful week at your house!

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