In a vase on Monday – first tulips 2019

Yesterday, Monday, when this post should have been posted was just one of those BAD days; involving a visit to the dentist with an abscess and a broken tooth.  no need for sympathy I now have pain-killers that work, antibiotics to fight the infection and an appointment for next Monday for the removal of the tooth.  But I didn’t feel up to doing anything, not even posting about my vase this week.  So I am joining with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden a day late.

We had my husband’s goddaughter and her new husband to stay for the weekend so I was very much hoping that I would find something to put into a vase.  On Friday with all my fingers crossed, I checked the pots in the greenhouse with the previously chilled tulip bulbs; joy of joys there were 3 Tulip ‘Exotic Emperor’ just beginning to show some white.

On Friday only the tips of two of the tulips was above the lip of the vase

In a vase on Monday

By Monday all three tulip blooms had grown to be above the lip of the vase

Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’

Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’ has had some blooms for a few weeks, I thought they would be a good addition to the tulips.


Sorry, not a good image, my mixed bag of snowdrops is now producing a number of blooms, I spared just one for my vase.

This vase is actually a bit too narrow for an arrangement inside

I made the most of a very few flowers by placing the vase on a cake stand

I tried to hide the floral pins with some Cyprus foliage, I didn’t make a very good job on this side of the vase!

By Monday the tulips were not completely open, even in the warmth of the house

Just amazing how tulips grow in the vase

T. ‘Exotic Emperor’ is one of my very favourite tulips so I’m sure I will be sharing more of them with you in future vases.  Several other varieties are in bud but the cold beginning to the winter here means that they are slow to be ready to pick.  Looking forward to seeing your vases today.

31 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – first tulips 2019

  1. Poor you, a tooth abscess is agony, I’m so glad you are getting it sorted. I’m not surprised you didn’t feel like doing an arrangement. Tulips already! It’s that time again, it only seems a minute since we were looking at your early tulips last year. I love White Emperor too it looks lovely peeping out of the tall vase.

    • I had been hoping for tulips for new year but December was so cold they just didn’t grow. I haven’t seen any shoots of those in the garden yet so hopefully the season will be nice and long.

  2. Christina I’m sorry about your tooth, it must have hurt a lot. Your vase is different from what you’ve always done, but I love seeing the flowers inside the vase and just peeking the open “Exotic Emperor” Tulips: I love it! It is magnificent like tulips: divine and spectacular. The coronary Anemone “The Bride” I like very much like the drop of snow. The foliage of Cyprus at the bottom of the vase is beautiful. I hope that your tooth is cured soon and that you do not get too cold, because in Spain today it has snowed in Madrid. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Hello Margarita, it snowed here in Viterbo today too, but not actually in our garden, but a couple of kilometres away there were a few centimetres of snow. It might snow during the night too. You stay warm and snug too.

  3. Oooh, I feel for you Christina – the Golfer had toothache last week and went to have the tooth removed on Saturday so I have some idea of what you have been going through – hope the extraction is at least tolerable, and that you were able to be at least a little hospitable while you had your visitors

    It’s so exciting to be seeing tulips in January and displaying them the way you have really brings home how much the stems will keep on growing – thanks for sharing that.

  4. Lovely arranged inside the cylinder, it gives a nice focus.
    I pulled some pots of narcissi and crocus out of cold storage and hope they’ll force soon. It has been extra cold in the sunspace lately though, so it’ll be slow coming, I think.
    Hope your tooth heals quickly!

    • I’m taking things easy. The pain killers are worked no but my dentist says that until the abscess has gone the anaesthetic won’t work so he can’t remove the tooth. This is the earliest I’ve managed to get my tulips to flower.

  5. That is such a lovely idea for a vase Christina! I have a couple of big cylinder vases that I have been thinking about putting paperwhite bulbs in and you have given me the incentive to go & find them! Your early tulips are always a joy to behold. Sorry to hear about your tooth – you will be relieved when it has been removed.

  6. A good idea to put the tulips in a narrow vase and watch them grow. And how lovely to see them in January too. 🙂 We are frozen solid here – no signs of life at all yet. Hope the dentist appointment next week goes well.

  7. Exquisite white petals and lovely foliage,I love the cylinder that holds them too. I am currently enjoying twigs and buds brought in from the garden to open early – such a magic transformation. hope all goes well with the tooth.

  8. Oh tulips in January – what a joy Christina and I love the way you have displayed them. I look forward to seeing more of your tulips as spring draws near 🙂 Having had a tooth abscess many moons ago I know how rotten you must have felt. Hopefully the medication soon kicked into touch and all goes well on your return visit to the dentist.

    • Tulips need a longish period of cold to flower; it’s probably not cold enough in autumn where you are. I chill my bulbs before planting. This year autumn has been colder than usual so it will be interesting to see if those left in the ground from past years will flower earlier than in other years.

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