In a Vase on Monday – White

I have been so busy today I thought I wouldn’t have time to join Cathy at Rambling in the garden  for my favourite meme.  But I felt Monday just wasn’t Monday without a vase.

So it is very simple but I actually love its simple elegance.

The vase is large and the Antirrhinums tall

The vase is large and the Antirrhinums tall


White Anthirrhinums

White Anthirrhinums

I used stones to support the stems, Antirrhimuns have tough stems that support themselves very well

I used stones to support the stems, Antirrhinums have tough stems that support themselves very well

Do visit Cathy to see her pink vase!  Plus all the other vases, where most people have had more time than me today to produce something you’ll enjoy  Sorry this is so short but better short than not at all!

44 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – White

  1. I LOVE it! I love the design and the simplicity – sometimes less really is more.
    I’m struggling with time too today – but I might just squeak in later – like you I considered giving it a miss but ………. no – not possible! Uh oh! my newly discovered addictive personality. xxx

  2. Oh, this is lovely and so difficult to pull off. It reminds me of a quote, the gist of which is anyone can do the airy fairy froth but to come up with such elegance, such restraint and for it to look as good as this is very hard. Christina, this is what I aspire to. I’m going to have another look …

    • Thank you Sarah, you are very kind, but I really did this very quickly because I was so short of time to pick anything else; but I wanted to pick the snapdragons because it would have been a shame not to enjoy them.

  3. It’s perfect, Christina! I have a similar (but somewhat smaller) vase – I’ll have to pick up some pebbles and try copying your example.

  4. Just stunning Christina!! We share a love of white and I always like single flower arrangements. Well done for squeezing a vase in when time was short.

  5. These antirrhinums are gorgeous, Christina – and elegantly displayed, like you say. It is hard to believe that they have such tall straight stems although I think the ones I am growing from seed are a shorter variety and unfortunately the white ones had a very poor germination rate. Lots of pink, although they are a long way off flowering. Your Christmas present book is proving really useful isn’t it?! Hope all is OK with you and thanks for finding time today ps my marking is almost finished 🙂

  6. I love this vase. I always grow snapdragons, but they are never that tall. They look great the way you have arranged them in the large vase with pebbles.

    • Sarah Raven promised that these would be tall, so I’m pleased they are. The other coloured ones are also good with long, strong stems but fewer flowers per stem.

  7. These snapdragons are beautiful and I love the vase/pebbles. Very simple but elegant. It looks like the kind of arrangement that would be in a very posh restaurant 🙂

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