In a vase on Monday – and more tulips

Monday has arrived again and I haven’t posted since my vase last week.  I have had a virus and not felt up to doing very much at all and on Wednesday last week the winds were so strong it was almost impossible to stand up.  One of the canes helping to support the new Carrob broke in too leaving the tree blowing wildly around and so despite the cold and wind I had to help rescue it.  At the same time I realised that some of the Anemones had been blown down; they were duly, picked and simply added to last Monday’s vase.

Last week's vase with the addition of rescued Anemone

Last week’s vase with the addition of rescued Anemone (photographed on Friday 12th February

The Purissima have a buttery yellow throat

The Purissima have a buttery yellow throat

I'm hoping there will be enough Anemones soon for them to be in vase on their own.

I’m hoping there will be enough Anemones soon for them to be in vase on their own.

In the greenhouse two other varieties of tulips were showing some colour, Purple Peony and Ballerina; more of the Purissima also opened including one with on petal half coloured orange; the line of the colour is so straight and defined it looks as if someone had painted it with a brush.

Tulips, Ballerina, Purple Peony and White Purrissima

Tulips, Ballerina, Purple Peony and White Purrissima

I wonder what caused the petal to mutate to being half orange, any ideas anyone?

This week's vase

This week’s vase

Again this week I hand tied the tulips and placed them in a simple cylindrical glass vase.

With many thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the garden for hosting, challenging us and inspiring us to find flowers in our gardens or locally to pick and bring into the house to enjoy. Do visit Cathy or better still, what can you find in your garden today?


51 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – and more tulips

  1. More lovely tulips Christina! I have no idea why they sometimes mutate, but the effect is very pretty. Hope you are feeling fitter now and can get out in the garden this coming week. We have had a couple of sunny days in between the February grey, but now snow is forecast! Roll on spring!

  2. Glad, as I see from previous comments, that you’re feeling better. The Anemones bring a nice pop of color to the Purissima tulips. I’m surprised the tulips have lasted so well. The second vase of tulips are beautiful too. Does the odd color block go all the way through the petal or is it only on the outside?

  3. Interesting mutation Christina, the foliage looks very healthy, I wonder if its just a random tulip and wether it will do the same next year. I hope you feel better soon and that there is not too much damage in your garden, strong winds are worse than heavy rains and snow.

  4. Sorry you have been under the weather Christina – and pleased that you didn’t feel you had to struggle to post on your blog while you were laid low. Your photographs today are stunning – such clarity! – and show your lovely tulips off to their best advantage. What an amazing mutation that one is! I didn’t plant any tulips in pots this time, but I don’t know why – I need to rectify that for next year.

  5. I thought that tulips showing signs of mutation were the most sought after in the 17th century. Strong winds have been a feature of this winter. Purissima is one of my favourite tulips and it comes back year after year in my garden. Love the simplicity and colours of your vases today. Take care Christina.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been down with a virus, Christina. I hope you – and the Carob tree – have come through the challenges of last week in better shape. The white and orange tulip is interesting and your vase, as usual, is lovely.

    • I’m feeling much better now, thanks Chris but it was a nasty virus. The Carob seems to be OK, but it was a timely reminder to check the stakes on the other new trees too.

  7. Your vases look very cheerful, I hope they’ve made you feel better. A solid colour break in a single petal seems unusual, perhaps unlike streaks caused by a virus? If you find out please let us all know.

  8. Beautiful! I like the mix with just the single purple and the vase with stones. This discussion and Cathy’s comment remind me that it’s time to think about ordering some bulbs. 🙂

  9. The anemones are looking great in spite of their tumbling, and the vase together looks completely refreshed from last week. You know I love the bold colors of the anemones!
    Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather, and glad to hear you’re on the mend. Soon enough those bright cheery days of spring will drive off all the germs and bugs of winter!
    I hope you have time for a walk about this week, I’m anxious to see how spring is progressing 🙂

    • I’ll try to show you later today what’s happening in the garden this week. Our weather has been very mixed. I share your love of the strong colours of the Anemones too Frank, there isn’t anything like them I think.

  10. I’m not able to grow tulips because of the voles and squirrels in my garden, except for a few species tulips they don’t like, so I enjoy seeing all your lovely tulips, Christina. I guess I should try some in pots, and also some of the anemones. Your anemones are such pretty vibrant colors, and I like the black centers. It’s great you are feeling better, I’m sorry to hear of your strong winds and damaging hail. Once in Houston the hail was softball size and broke my sister’s windshield. I love Carob trees, I used to see them in California and liked to nibble the pods.

    • Actually I realised that the orange tulip I showed isn’t Ballerina, that will be coming in a vase this week. This is Request when dies to a beautiful pale old gold colour quite unlike the colour is is to begin with.

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