April 18th 2016 In a Vase on Monday

There was no post yesterday because the wind was blowing very hard all day, at least 23 km per hour with gusts that were much more.  It wasn’t pleasant to be outside and impossible to take any photographs that weren’t just a blur.  Today is overcast but completely still, ideal for photography.  But today is Monday, the day for a vase of flowers but from the garden. Continue reading

In a Vase on Monday – A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I didn’t want to miss making a vase this week and joining the ‘in a vase on Monday’ meme, but as I arrived home last evening, when it was already dark I no time to pick anything then.  This morning I was quite surprised but what I found to pick for my small blue vase. Continue reading

The Cuttings Garden at the end of May

The cuttings beds are continuing to give me so much pleasure.  Being able to pick flowers for a vase whenever I want is just incredible.  There has been so many of some flowers that I am now more able to calculate how many plants I need to plant to have ‘enough’.

I decided to read last month’s post to help me remember where things were a month agoContinue reading