The slope on Thursday 17th April

The weather has been mostly cold during the last week, this morning there was heavy frost on the solar panel although not on the ground and the tomatoes are Okay so even the air temperature can’t have fallen to zero. There were more hail stones in the area, not like a couple of weeks ago but I am thankful I was lucky again and that they didn’t fall here. Easter isn’t predicted to be particularly warm and someone commented this morning that it felt more like Christmas than Easter! Continue reading

The Spring Walk – 11th April 2014 Even more colour

A little late today and no time to write much.

Just some images for you to see what I am enjoying at the moment.  I am so pleased with the how quickly the spring walk looks as I imagined that I am already planning to extend it this autumn and move and add some shrubs that I think will add to the effect.

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The slope on Thursday 10th April- some new entries

It has been a week of extremes. The promised rain came in the early hours of Friday morning accompanied by ferocious winds (not forecast) causing some damage (you can read about it here). But Friday afternoon was the real surprise, with hail stones falling like snow but luckily not on My Hesperides Garden, but it was very close.

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