The Spring Walk – Still Good!

Despite the rain, despite the hail the Spring walk is only slowly fading into summer.

I am so pleased with this planting although I certainly need to add other bulbs to extend the season, especially earlier in the year. I will add Iris reticulata, maybe I’ll try again with some small narcissus and I’ve already moved some of the winter flowering Iris unguicularis and species freesia to the border. For the end of the season I will add Dutch Iris, probably a mixed pack to keep the random effect going. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday 24th April

The weather over the Easter weekend wasn’t as bad as was forecast except Saturday rained almost all day with torrential rain in the afternoon that had hail in it! As I mentioned on Monday, this time the hail didn’t pass me by. I also said that the tomatoes didn’t seem to have been affected, wrong they are covered with white spots, even the stems where the ice hit them, I’m hoping they will recover but this is an example that a gardener’s life is never an incident free one! Continue reading

GBFD – April Exuberance

Spring came early this year, already most of the tulips are over and roses and Irises are taking their place; yet despite the quantity of blooms in the garden it is foliage that still takes pride of place in my eyes.

There is a good reason for this; even though there are large numbers of different plants flowering, the percentage of the garden that they represent is still small in comparison to the foliage! Continue reading

In a Vase on Monday – third time the luck changes!

We all know the saying “third time lucky!” but the true saying is, in fact “on the third time the luck changes!” And this is what happened with regard to the hail. The first time when there was a massive hail storm 5 miles away it rained here; the second time when there was a light hail fall a little further away, it rained here. But on Saturday when it poured and poured with rain in Viterbo with just a little hail, here in My Hesperides Garden there WAS HAIL. Continue reading

The slope on Thursday 17th April

The weather has been mostly cold during the last week, this morning there was heavy frost on the solar panel although not on the ground and the tomatoes are Okay so even the air temperature can’t have fallen to zero. There were more hail stones in the area, not like a couple of weeks ago but I am thankful I was lucky again and that they didn’t fall here. Easter isn’t predicted to be particularly warm and someone commented this morning that it felt more like Christmas than Easter! Continue reading